DYMND & Alessia

DYMND & Alessia Labate release emotional track ‘One Lie’: Listen

Milan, Italy-based 24-year-old producer DYMND has been a passionate and fueled player in the industry since his career began back in June 2019. Releasing a remix of The ChainsmokersKills You Slowly’ as his first track, the song quickly garnered traction, even gaining support from the American duo themselves. This traction quickly led to the young producer producing original tracks including his newest release titled One Lie’ featuring Italian singer and songwriter Alessia Labate.

‘One Lie’ is an incredible track, featuring emotional lyricism that tells a story of what is thought to be a great relationship that soon proves itself to be fake and an illusion and attempting to move on from that. The well-written track is beautifully performed by vocalist Alessia, with her voice perfectly complimenting DYMND’s production skills. The production of the track is future bass and vibey, with exceptional beats the track correctly creates an atmospheric listen. DYMND’s goal when creating his musical art is to communicate a message to the listener either within the lyrics or sound, something that is achieved with this emotional yet empowering track to get you through tough times, with the young producer’s own tough times inspiring the creation of the song.

You can check the exquisite and unmissable ‘One Lie’ for yourself on Spotify below, and also make sure you keep up with all the news on DYMND via his Instagram and Facebook.


Image Credits: DYMND (Press) & Alessia (Press)

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