Eli & Fur unveil ‘Carbon’, another melodic cut from their two-part upcoming album

Carbon‘ is the name of the latest single from charismatic duo Eli & Fur and the third extract from ‘Found In The Wild’ their first studio album set to be released on June 25, via Anjunadeep. Eliza Noble and Jennifer Skillman have been singing and delighting fans for quite some time now, having established themselves as one of the most multifaceted duos in the electronic sphere. The name Eli & Fur has echoed in the industry tunnels for so long that we forget that ‘Found In The Wild’ will be their debut album. The eagerness surrounding this release is great and the suspense has been fed by the unveiling of some of the pieces of this body of work. ‘Carbon’ is part of ‘Found’, the more melodic side of this double-faced album and succeeds Wild Skies and ‘Come Back Around’, the singles unveiled recently. We already knew that this album would arrive with two faces, representing the two sides of Eli & Fur, and the tracks that have been revealed nail that concept very well. ‘Carbon’ is an intimate, deep, and immersive cut, like a fingerprint of this magnificent duo. About this newly released single, they explain:

This track existed before the pandemic. The song was there already, as it was written in LA the previous year. A lot of our tracks just start with us in the studio playing chords and coming up with a traditional song structure: verse, bridge, chorus. We often pull some of that away and let the production speak for the non-vocal parts, but we felt this one needed to be fully fleshed out. We added that darkness in the production—the arp, the crunchy bass—and it gave it another level of emotion. It’s deep, but it’s hooky in the vocal, and we like to try and get that balance with all of our tracks.

The bass leads the away, in an intricate melody that seems to introduce a track that lacks vocals. The voice comes bursting through, in a timbre that mirrors the tone of the percussion, delivering a solid, structured and harmonised narrative. The beat is truly addictive, and the vocals get stuck in your head. When soundscape whispers to let the vocals be heard, it sounds like your conscience speaking. The minimal drop makes us wake up from that little trance, without taking away the serenity. It’s not a typical ambient track, as it has a very interesting and danceable density and rhythm.

‘Found In The Wild’ is out on June 25, but you can pre-order the album on limited-edition teal vinyl or cassette via the Anjuna Music Store. For now, fall in love with the cosy tune of ‘Carbon’ below:

Image Credit: Eli & Fur (via Facebook)