SMR LVE & Polly Strange combine talents on summer anthem ‘Rising Sun’: Listen

Rising in the ranks to become true trance titans, duo SMR LVE hailing from Toronto have already made a lasting impression on the electronic world. With their euphoric productions and feel good vibes, SMR LVE and Polly Strange have teamed up to create the summer season’s hottest new tune.

The newly formed trance and progressive house duo have already gained the attention and ears of some of the industry’s biggest players such as Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz among others. With their last release ‘Need Somebody’ recently winning the Future Favourite title on A State Of Trance and charting to the fifth position on Beatport, SMR LVE look to be destined for success. Collaborating with the likes of  Christina Novelli and Roxanne EmerySMR LVE are building a strong discography with each release and ‘Rising Sun’  looks to solidify their name in the industry.

‘Rising Sun’ is, in it’s purest form, an ibiza anthem for the ages. Looking to give the electronic scene a track today which gives off similar vibes to Chicane‘s ‘Saltwater’, they say about the making of the track:

“Chicane’s 1999 trance smash “Saltwater” has always been a huge influence for us. It was one of the first tracks that got us into dance music, but we felt like nothing quite like it has been released ever since. We set out with the intention to capture the magical summer, melodic vibes of the original song as an influence, but to put a modern updated twist on it.  […] We had been in touch with Polly Strange as we’ve always been a huge fan of her work and felt that her voice would be a perfect fit for our song. However, after asking her, she explained she was not comfortable singing Irish Gaelic, as that is not a language she is fluent in.

We then decided to ask her to make up a language of words based on whatever she felt while listening to our song.  Music is universal, so the language didn’t matter to us as long as she captured the right feel for the song. Polly agreed and a few days later she sent over the most stunning and perfect vocal we’ve ever heard – It was exactly what we were looking for.  We hope the listeners will enjoy Rising Sun and really envision that majestic summer feeling of being Ibiza, while listening to our song”

‘Rising Sun’ is the summer trance anthem we have all been waiting for and could not have come at a better time.  With a buildup which will make you feel like you’re floating above the clouds, the drop will bring you back to earth making you instantly start moving your body without even realising. Doing an expert job of capturing nostalgic, sun-soaked feelings that will have you dreaming of being back in Ibiza on the famous sunset strip. Emotive and truly beautiful, it fills us with great vibes, which is exactly what the world needs right now.

Coming to us via Coldharbour Recordings, ‘Rising Sun’ by SMR LVE and Polly Strange is out now and you can listen to it below.


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