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9 educated electronic musicians to inspire you

Perhaps many of us see electronic musicians as superhumans. They make us dance to the beats they create and make a mood of huge crowds. And it is not surprising, as electronic music has a lot to do with mystery and cosmic sounds.

Many performers, fascinating us with their rhythms, realized who they wanted to be as children. Therefore, they have been focused on their careers since high school or even earlier. Nevertheless, some went a bit further and entered college. Obviously, getting a degree is a time-consuming process, and students have less time for other activities and hobbies, including music.

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And since you are reading this article, we assume that you care about music. Therefore, we have compiled a list of musicians who received a higher education. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

The Chemical Brothers

A British music band that has gained worldwide popularity consists of two members – Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons. Over time, the band changed the idea of what an electronic live show should look like as on their concerts, the audience is kept on their toes until the very end. Of course, this didn’t go unnoticed by the world community and the artists received several Grammys.

So, where did members of the duo first meet? At university, of course! The notable meeting took place at the University of Manchester, namely at the Faculty of History, which Tom and Ed studied at. Former went to school mostly because of the Manchester music scene, while the latter truly enjoyed studying Medieval history.

In 1989, when the friends first met, they often spent time together in clubs listening to dance music. Both experimented with it previously, so the decision to join forces was quite natural. The duo performed in clubs and parties, offering the audience a mix of techno, house and hip-hop.

The way The Chemical Brothers was formed is an excellent example of how university changes your life forever. At school, you can not only become friends with kindred spirits, but also make your wildest dreams come true together.


The Chemical Brothers

Image Credit: The Chemical Brothers (Press)


The world renowned British band has been surprising fans with a unique sound and original genre for more than 30 years. At different periods, their style ranged from Britpop to psychedelic electronic music. Interestingly, Radiohead members have never changed since 1985, when the band was formed.

Then, young musicians met while attending an independent school for boys called Abingdon (Oxfordshire). Initially, the band’s name was On a Friday as Friday was the only day they could gather for a rehearsal.

Thus, Thom Yorke became the lead vocalist, and his peer Colin Greenwood – a bassist. Philip  Selway took the place at the drum kit, and Ed O’Brien started as a guitarist. The youngest member – Johnny Greenwood played many instruments: from harmonica to the keys, and then the guitar.

The first performance took place at a pub in Oxford. Later, the guys entered the university and had a chance to rehearse only on holidays. Yorke entered the University of Exeter to study English and Fine Arts, while Johnny Greenwood was getting a degree in music. However, he dropped out of school as the band signed to a record label. As for other members, O’Brien attended the University of Manchester, and Colin Greenwood was studying English and American literature at Peterhouse, Cambridge. And last but not least, Philip Selway found himself learning English and history at the University of Liverpool.

Thus, all five Radiohead members inspire us to study the humanities, as they definitely develop our aesthetic senses and the way we feel art.



As two other bands on our list, Gorillaz are from the UK as well. The distinctive feature of the project is that it’s a collaboration of a musician and an artist whose real personalities have long remained a mystery.

The band was founded by Blur frontman Damon Albarn and a talented artist, Jamie Hewlett. Their first meeting took place in 1990 when Blur was interviewed by Deadline magazine, in which Hewlett published his comics.

Years later, Albarn and Hewlett shared an apartment in London. By that time, Albarn had a large amount of musical material that didn’t fit the Blur format. Therefore, the two decided to form a virtual group to realize their bold ideas.

The university years played an important role in the lives of both band members. Therefore, while studying at Northbrook College Worthing, Hewlett and his friends created Atomtan, a fan magazine. As a result, he was noticed and later invited to work in another magazine called Deadline.

As for Albarn, he concentrated on drama and even moved to Debden to study at the East 15 Drama School in the mid-80s. However, disappointed in his acting abilities, he returned home. The musician recalled those years as very depressing and difficult. Later, he took a part-time music course at the Goldsmiths College in South London, while working as a tea boy and bartender. He also found time for music and mostly did it at night in the studio.

So, what does the history of the Gorillaz members teach us? First, if we work hard in college, our talent can attract someone’s attention, and it will be a powerful boost to our career. Second, some face hard times when at school, but this experience only makes us stronger.



Image Credit: Gorillaz (via Facebook)

Wrapping Up

Our beliefs are often stereotyped, especially when it comes to creative people and musicians particularly. It is easy to think that electronic musicians are party animals that became world-famous overnight. However, it’s not true. Behind any success story there are trials, self-doubt and overcoming numerous obstacles.

Some musicians didn’t even think of studying music in college, as they finally decided on their career path much later. In any case, traditional education is never superfluous. Indeed, in the process, we broaden our horizons and meet people who shape our personalities in the most fantastic ways.



Image Credit: The Chemical Brothers (via Facebook)

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