Reconnection EP

Grum resurrects progressive trance in ‘Reconnect EP’: Album Review

An intense reconnection is underway. The bass resonance is back outside the clubs, the ticket booths are bustling again and the festival-goers are gathering again. It’s the perfect timing to welcome Grum‘s new album with open arms. ‘Reconnection EP‘ is out now via Anjunabeats, ready to rewire you with music and its magic.

Grum is a big name on the progressive trance circuit and one of the most cherished artists at Anjunabeats. His relationship with the label dates back to 2015 when an informal encounter with Above & Beyond brought him into the Anjunabeats portfolio. ‘U’, ‘Shout’, ‘Shining‘ and ‘Price Of Love‘ are some of the singles that swept the fans up in an adoration that proved to be long lasting. His Anjunabeats Worldwide 07 compilations cemented his stardom by charting on Billboard‘s Dance/Electronic Album chart. His place in the royal court of progressive trance was secured in 2019 with the incredible album ‘Deep State‘, whose name fully encapsulates the musicality of the album.

The last eighteen months have also stirred Grum and heavily influenced his artistic side. Back in May, the Scottish producer shared the ‘Isolation EP‘, a dive into the magical land of cinematic soundscapes in four parts. However, this shortstop in the realm of ambient music was just the calm before the musical storm that was to follow. Like the industry, Grum is ready to give up isolation to reconnect. On the cathartic return to club-ready cuts, Grum says:

‘After getting the lockdown ‘Isolation EP’ out of my system, I wanted to return to some proper dance music whilst also looking to the future – so here’s a selection of tour-approved club music to lose ourselves in.”

The clubbing energy, festival spirit and uplifting soul of progressive trance are resurrected by Grum on this magnificent ‘Reconnection EP’. The compilation is divided into Disc 1 and 2, the latter incorporating the tracks from the ‘Isolation EP’, something important to experience the before and after of Grum’s state of mind. Disc 1 includes the four new tracks and the respective extended mix. The EP opens with ‘Sparkles‘, which is the perfect sample for the sound explored in this work. Press play and let yourself go. If you feel like you’re on the mainstage of a festival it’s because you’re really feeling this sparkle. The track is bright and energizing, with a very interesting construction. Although simple in layers, it’s very dynamic and catchy. A true anthem to reconnection. ‘Invisible‘ is more melodic and industrial in spirit. Instead of an open-air festival, this single takes you to an underground club, where the pacing is steady, the percussion is low and the feelings are thick. Dom Youdan‘s vocals make this belter more intimate and mesmerizing. The kick is absolutely deadly, inviting an infectious dance. ‘Mainframe‘ follows, coated in futuristic melodic techno. Here Grum explores sounds that don’t even seem to be from this planet, offering a galactic journey that takes you to a parallel dimension between 80s trance and contemporary progressive sound. To close the loop arrives the synth-driven ‘Darkmode‘. Punchy, full of groove and rhythm, it’s an exquisite dance piece designed to set any dance floor on fire. Minimal yet complex, this peak-time infused track is the perfect recipe for reconnecting with music, with dance.

Put yourself in ‘party on’ mode with this beautifully crafted ‘Reconnection EP’ from Grum:

Image Credit: Grum (via Facebook)