Tiësto, Oliver Heldens

On this month 6 years ago: Tiësto and Oliver Heldens released ‘Wombass’ together

Released on November 9, 2015, Tiësto and Oliver Heldens came together to shake the industry up with the larger-than-life ‘Wombass,’ their first and currently only collaboration to date.

Brewing up something that is exactly what you would expect when you see that these two genre masters were teaming up, the result of putting their incredible minds together was a timeless melody, something that struck the correct balance of both of their recognisable sounds in an incomparable and undeniably infectious way. The house rhythm mixed with the intoxicating bassline is one of the biggest rhythms to hit the dance music scene in a long time, and the industry was not prepared for such a heavyweight of a track. First revealed live on stage by Tiësto and Oliver Heldens at Amsterdam Music Festival in 2015, it was instantly dubbed as a classic and something that would follow up on the legacy that the pair’s respective discographies left behind.

Aside from ‘Wombass,’ they also released a popular vocal edit of the track renamed to be titled ‘The Right Song’ featuring the vocal stylings of Natalie La Rose which became just as beloved as the original version. Who’s still streaming both versions right now? We certainly are! 


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Image Credit: Tiësto (via Zouk Group Las Vegas), Oliver Heldens (via Facebook)

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