Chicane drops remix album, ‘Everything We Had To Leave Behind’: Listen

Just over six months since the initial release of his 8th studio album, ‘Everything We Had To Leave Behind’, Chicane has just dropped the remix album, titled ‘Everything We Had To Leave Behind (Back Pedal Brakes Remixes)’, on Armada Music.

The electronic music phenomenon from the UK found the inspiration to grow this album, putting each track under a new light. The result is tantalising, just as the original release was, offering us 14 tracks to fall in love with in a brand-new way.

In a recent press release, Chicane goes into great depth about how the remix album came about, as well as expressing his gratitude to his fans:

“‘Everything We Had to Leave Behind’ started life in freedom and ended during our incarceration. It reflected a lot of what I and I’m sure others were also feeling: separation, isolation, loss, and with that, a greater appreciation of life. I had a new persona in mind for remixes, so I took on the form of Back Pedal Brakes and started tinkering.”

“Tracks or albums are never static for me so once the lockdown lifted, I realised I was becoming inspired by the current breakbeat culture and wanted to explore that in relation to the recent album. Enthused, I worked through the near entirety of ‘Everything We Had to Leave Behind’ track by track, as I felt those tracks had more evolution left in them. They probably still have, but they tell me I have to stop somewhere. Thank you to all that bought, streamed and found meaning in the album. I hope you enjoy both the caterpillar and the butterfly.”

You can stream the remix album below, or click here for your preferred streaming service; you can also view the track list here too. Be sure to let us know your thoughts!


Image Credit: Chicane (via Facebook)

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