Cameron Glasgow

Cameron Glasgow unveils eclectic house single ‘I Only’: Listen

Looking to further enhance his presence within the electronic dance industry, Cameron Glasgow has just blessed us all with a house anthem for the ages.

Encompassing a variation of musical instruments throughout, ‘I Only’ is the epitome of a track that will have listeners embark on the most unique and yet meaningful of journeys. Providing those feel-good vibes from the off set, we can’t help but feel reminiscent of the old school house sound that is emitted in its entirety with this latest production.

Despite the very young of his age, Cameron Glasgow has embraced the dance industry in the most gracious of ways, and in turn, has provided us all with a track that is most definitely destined to reach far. Taking inspiration from the underground house scene, ‘I Only’ portrays an array of emotions that this rising star experienced whilst visiting Los Angeles, and at the same time, the perfect implementation of break-beat to piano, and from piano to sax, have helped shape a track that will resonate with anyone who comes across it.

With creativity a key trait that describes this multi-faceted artist, it comes to no surprise that prior to producing music, Cameron Glasgow had also excelled as a fashion advocate back in his homeland. Surrounded by house and techno clubs within his area, the Irish-born DJ/producer found a passion for music in no time at all, and in turn, performed at various sold out events, with few actually being set up by Cameron. Taking it that one level further, the creation of his own record label and online community, Rave Residence, has resulted in a reach of almost 500 million people on a yearly basis, one of the fastest growing dance music platforms there is.

Having performed sold out crowds and warmed up for the likes of Partiboi69, this up and coming artist has set out on making his own mark within our community. Blessing us all with this latest production is just the start, and we can’t wait for what’s to come next. A true masterpiece of a track, ‘I Only’ is out now and destined for nothing other than success. Be sure to check it out in all its glory below, with the track also available for streaming on all platforms here. Enjoy!


Image Credit: Cameron Glasgow (Press)

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