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Concert organisers in Denmark demand clarity over Covid restrictions

With current Covid restrictions due to expire on the 16th January, event organisers in Denmark are demanding clarity on what measures are to come next.

Since the 19th December, many venues across the country were forced to close their doors in attempt to curb rising “Omicron” cases. While the Danish government offloaded various funding schemes to keep entertainment organisations afloat over the past month, they are yet to provide clarity on what the near future looks like for the industry.

Frustration for the live music industry continues to grow as a clear plan would prove crucial for business moving forward, as detailed by Esben Marcher, the head of the secretariat at Dansk Live (a national music association);

“Unfortunately, organisers have been in a similar situation in the past, and we know that preparation is crucial in the dialogue with guests, suppliers and performing artists,” he said.

“We hope and believe that we will return to normal after the current restrictions, but everyone should have the opportunity to prepare for what happens if the infection situation does not allow a phasing out of the restrictions.”

As a result of Covid, the music industry in Denmark has already suffered losses of up to €403m according to recent reports in the country.

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