Czechmate showcases fiery energy with ‘Hold On’: Listen

Hailing from the Czech Republic, Czechmate is a rising star in the electronic industry looking to bring a new level of fiery, punching energy to the scene in her own way. With performing arts in her blood ever since she was a child, this has further helped to propel her way forward into a successful DJing and producing career which is just getting started, and the best is yet to come for her. Moving swiftly into producing original tracks, she specialises in bass house with her signature sound also branching off to other genres and her latest release ‘Hold On‘ showcases her versatility.

Fuelled by her energy, she puts all of this into her music and the result is a concoction of punchy synths and exciting sounds that echo out into the minds of her listeners, which ‘Hold On’ is rich in. Laying a strong soundscape down for the powerful vocals to shine greatly against, the total result is one that will have fans and music lovers alike dancing all night to. For those just getting to know who and what Czechmate is all about, this track is the perfect starter to know just exactly who she is as a producer and DJ. Rich in bass and house tones, the two genres collide perfectly into a track that is addictive to say the least.

After taking a break from producing, ‘Hold On’ saw her return with a bang and it is now out to buy and stream here, or listen to on Spotify below.

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