HEADROOM unveils psytrance album ‘Acid Trip Advisor’: Album Review

Embodying his love for psychedelic trance through each of his releases, HEADROOM (real name Adam Metcalfe) has just blessed us all with an album for the ages. Ensuring that listeners will be embarking on the most captivating and yet meaningful of journeys, ‘Acid Trip Advisor‘ consists of a twelve-track body of work, as the South Africa-born DJ/producer has once more showcased his versatility within the dance industry. A sound as unique as the next one, each track will have you begging for more, as HEADROOM’s distinct tech-psy style is evident throughout.

Having mastered his craft to perfection, fans-alike have had the opportunity of witnessing his undeniable talent for the better part of two decades, and as expected, this latest album provides all those highly-energetic and emotive elements that we have known to love as time has progressed. Falling in the same category with some of the greatest Psytrance artist’s of his generation, HEADROOM has set out on evolving his sound at every given chance, but at the same time, also ensure that his very own style resonates with a wider audience, and in turn making him stand out as an artist to watch within our community.

Embracing the most enticing of aura’s through each of his productions, ‘Acid Trip Advisor’ will most definitely leave a lasting impact on anyone lucky enough to get their hands on this album, with each track emitting its own unique vibe as the end product blends in perfect harmony from start to finish. Kicking off this musical journey, ‘Drop Kicks‘ is described by the man of the moment as a “psy-gypsy, funk-machine” production, where the winding bass and the crispy percussion’s ensure nothing but an energetic and fun vibe throughout. Offering a more acidic element, the second track on the album is ‘Sawtooth Fairy,’ with HEADROOM adding a funky side that sends a clear message of what is to come.

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Combining acid house with psy-tech in the most mind-blowing of ways, ‘Simulation Stimulation‘ is the third track on the album, and trust us, it will have you feeling some type of way. Adding that groovy undertone for the fourth track of the album, ‘16Bit Masterchef‘ offers the most enticing of dance vibes, whilst ‘Y2K-Hole follows shortly after, with a hypnotic and robotic melody leading up to what HEADROOM describes as “potentially the filthiest bassline ever.” Slowing down the beat with the sixth track on the album, ‘Anxiety Society‘ reflects on the last few years and the impact that society has faced with the ongoing global pandemic, and in turn will leave us all in either the most gloom or even energized of moods.

Encompassing a vibe that is not for the faint-hearted, ‘Crystal Methodist‘ is the seventh track of the album, and will most likely cause some distractions if not handled with the utmost of care. Continuing in the same mind-frame, ‘Hang Ups and Downs‘ offers the most infectious of melodies, with each musical element implemented to the utmost of perfection throughout its entirety. Finding itself in the ninth place of the album, ‘Peaking In Tongues‘ is the embodiment of psychedelic trance in its true form, and we are all for it. Emotive as it can get, ‘Acid Trip Advisor‘ is the tenth track on the homonymous album, with HEADROOM ensuring that his eclectic style remains constant in all its glory.

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Bringing the album to a close in the most captivating of ways, ‘Edmdma‘ and ‘Unusual Suspect‘ add their own unique touch to ‘Acid Trip Advisor,’ with the former track providing more melancholic energy, whilst the latter differs from the rest for its more progressive and yet acidic sound. A truly mesmerizing body of work, HEADROOM has opted for the most fitting of ways in bringing in the new year, and we are more than thrilled to have presented the review on his most recent of albums. Out now via Iboga Records, be sure to check out ‘Acid Trip Advisor’ in all its glory below, with the album also available for streaming through all major platforms here and also follow Iboga Records here. Enjoy!

Image Credit: HEADROOM (via Official Facebook)

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