Home Uncategorized LAWRE unveils eclectic debut single ‘Infinity’: Listen
LAWRE unveils eclectic debut single ‘Infinity’: Listen
Image Credit: LAWRE (Press)

LAWRE unveils eclectic debut single ‘Infinity’: Listen

Home Uncategorized LAWRE unveils eclectic debut single ‘Infinity’: Listen

Emerging at the most perfect of times, LAWRE (real name Alper Atak) has set out on leaving his own mark within the electornic dance industry, and we are all for it. With a clear incentive following this rising star, fans alike have just been blessed with the most eclectic of releases in the form of ‘Infinity.’ Taking upon himself to revive the passion surrounding the big room/progressive house genre(s), the Turkey-based DJ/producer has opted for the most lively of melodies, whilst at the same time, ensuring that his debut track is one for the ages.

Combining instrumental elements with those of electronic sounds has always been of the essence for LAWRE, with ‘Infinity’ a clear representation of everything that he has set out to achieve as an artist to watch within our community. Providing the most energetic of auras, this latest production will have listeners feeling some type of way, as each musical element has been implemented to the utmost of perfection. Taking the production that one level further, LAWRE ensures that an array of feelings and emotions are emitted throughout, and in turn allowing us all to embark on the most meaningful and yet captivating of journeys.

“While listening to my song, I wanted to portray the passion of festivals, main stages and crowds in your mind. I processed the conflict of two opposite feelings (aggressiveness-sentimentality). I aimed to create a catchy, lively melody and chord scheme. I wanted to impose cinematic, dreamy and sometimes emotional feelings in the slower parts while the upbeat parts imposes happiness, enthusiasm and energy. As a fan of this genre, I am trying to contribute to its revival and I dream it will bring movement. Finally, my song gets its name (infinity) from the fact that it has a melody pattern that can evolve and develop, just like I aim for the beginning of my career to turn into an endless adventure.” – LAWRE

Destined for nothing other than success, ‘Infinity’ is just the stepping-stone to what is set to be a more than prosperous career within the dance industry. Emphasising on what music means to him, LAWRE has set his sights on achieving global domination, and if his debut track is anything to go by, we are more than certain the he will achieve just that. Out now, be sure to check out this masterpiece of a track in all its glory below, with ‘Infinity’ also available for streaming through all major platforms here.


For any further information, upcoming releases and more, you can follow LAWRE on Facebook, SpotifyInstagram & YouTube.

Image Credit: LAWRE (via Facebook)

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