Otto Knows smash hit ‘Million Voices’ turns 10 years old this month

A huge representative of the ‘Golden Era’ of EDM and a wonderfully nostalgic track that can bring back many memories from the first note of the track, ‘Million Voices‘ by Otto Knows is part of a big list of cherished anthems hitting the ten year old mark this year. As we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of this huge anthem, we’re looking back upon it.

Released in February of 2012, this was the release that truly let the world know exactly who Otto Knows was, with many iconic anthems following on from that point. Encapsulating the charming and euphoric vibe of the old progressive house sound perfectly, Otto Knows followed in the footsteps of the legends that had already paved the way such as Swedish House Mafia, and it was member Sebastian Ingrosso that took this track and gave it a home on his label Refune. Suddenly, it was Otto who was also paving the way for newer producers to come after him, and he ended up also inspiring a whole new generation of producers whilst also getting recognition from fellow heavyweights who were – and still are to this day – playing ‘Million Voices’ in their sets, much to the huge delight of crowds.

No matter where this gets played to this very day ten years on, whether in a club or on a huge mainstage at a festival like Tomorrowland, it still receives a huge reception to this day, proving the love for it has not died but rather only grown stronger. To this day, the official YouTube video has over 35 million views whereas the radio edit version has over 136 million Spotify streams.

Go on a nostalgia trip today, and listen to ‘Million Voices’ here.


Image Credit: Otto Knows (via Facebook)

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