Riotron opens up about main inspirations, hit collaborative single ‘Silent Night’ and more: Interview

Looking to leave his own mark within the electronic dance industry, Riotron has been blessing fans alike with each of his unique sounding productions. Combining elements of electronic synth-pop, dance-rock and jazz, the Canadian DJ/producer has taken his love for music that one level further, with each of his releases a clear representation of everything that he has set out to achieve as an artist to watch within our community. Multi-faceted in every sense of the word, Riotron also acts as the alter-ego of indie-pop songwriter Jeff Fettes, with the undeniable musical prowess of this rising star evident in each of his endeavors. Coming off the most stelar of debut years, Riotron is more than set for global domination, as his newfound passion for electronic music has led to the most eclectic of releases by one of the dance industry’s most promising up and coming stars. With this in mind, we are more than happy to have caught up with the man of the moment, as he opens up about the main inspirations and influences that led to electronic music production, his collaborative hit with GOLDHOUSESilent Night,’ his future aspirations and much more.

Hello Riotron and thank you for joining us! Could you give us an insight on the main inspiration(s) that led to electronic music production, and how significant this genre of music is for the development of your career?

Thanks for having me. I got into electronic music because I’m a bit of a control freak. When I’m writing I like to work in the studio alone and with electronic production one person can do everything. Then you get addicted to the sound design and all the ways you can stretch human vocals in a way that just doesn’t work in an acoustic song.

Coming off a stellar year in 2021, we would like to know the impact that success may have had on you as an artist thus far, as well as the ways in which you look to evolve within the dance scene?

I think the more you prove yourself, the more you can open doors to work with other cool collaborators and interesting people. One success kind of leads to another opportunity, etc. When I got co-signs from Marshmello and R3HAB, I noticed a lot of people in dance world started to pay closer attention.

Hailing from North America and Canada in particular, have any musical influences derived from your homeland, and how often do you implement native sound(s) to your own productions?

I come from Winnipeg, which has a lot of country and folk music. I’ve been told that my electronic music has melodies that sound like folk songs so I’m guessing that’s the Canadian influence. I don’t think the sounds come from whatever I’m listening to and these days it’s easy to access great music from around the globe.

Teaming up with no other than GOLDHOUSE for your track ‘Silent Night,’ we would like to know the thought process behind the creation of this highly-energetic rendition of this infamous hymn, as well as the working aura surrounding this collaboration?

I recorded a demo mash-up of Silent Night and Angels We Have Heard with some slight modifications to the chord structures and harmonies to give them my sound. I had an elaborate demo of sorts with a complex string arrangement and a dramatic feeling. Goldhouse took it apart and put it back together with all that kinetic energy you hear. We wanted it to be a vibe and that’s what he brought. Incidentally, if you want to hear the original demo version, it’s on the EP under the name “Silent Night Angel”.



Acting as an indie-pop songwriter as well as an electronic producer, could you give us an insight on how easy or not it is to balance the workload for both, and how effective or not the correlation between the two can be when creating music for either alter-ego?

I don’t really separate them too much. I kind of do everything all at once, get all my ideas out and then bring them fully formed as an electronic demo to other producers to collaborate on different versions.

Enhancing your presence within our community at every given chance, we would like to know how significant the portrayal of your own music actually is, and what message have you set out on delivering as an up and coming artist within the dance industry?

Martin Luther King, Jr. said “Love is understanding”.I think my music is really that search for love through understanding. Understanding myself and the world. I’m curious about why people are the way we are. The more I understand it, the less lonely I feel. I ask questions of myself in my songwriting in a way that I hopes gets people to ask those questions themselves.

The ongoing climate worldwide, and COVID-19 in particular, has been impacting artist. Could you give us an insight on the impact that the pandemic has had on your creativity, as well as any discoveries that have emerged when it comes to your role as a musician?

Honestly I’ve been feeling really creative and inspired. I think the weirder the world gets the weirder my perspective on it is. Somehow, it translates into curiosity which evolves into creativity.

With 2022 now in full flow, we would like to know any future Riotron releases and/or collaborations that may be on the horizon, as well as an overall outtake on what to expect from a promising artist such as yourself?

I’m really excited about the stuff that’s coming this year. I just wrote and filmed a really personal new music video directed by Alissa Torvinen. It will be out in May.I’m also working on a new collaboration with Big Freedia who is just a powerhouse talent. I’ve also got new music with Matt Malpass, Paul Oakenfold, Goldhouse and Mahalo coming. And I’ve been writing some new songs with Spencer Bradham. All I can say about 2022 is brace yourselves and pace yourselves!

All set on creating his own lasting legacy within our community, Riotron is most definitely an artist that we will be keeping a close eye on as time progresses. Emerging at the most perfect of times, we can’t help but feel that sense of excitement as we gain a wider perspective on this rising stars’ overall outtake on both music and life in general, and at the same time eagerly await for yet another prosperous career to unfold right in front of our eyes. With 2022 looking just as bright, be sure to check out ‘Silent Night’ below, as this collaborative hit marks the beginning to something special. For any further information, upcoming releases and more, make sure to visit Riotron’s official website here.


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