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Ashton Adams features 100M’s on house, hip-hop crossover ‘HOV’: Listen

Canadian producer and drummer Ashton Adams has teamed up with rap duo 100M’s, made up of Nukky & Cap E, for their new single ‘HOV’.

The track is a catchy and hard-hitting dance-rap track with an accompanying music video which features both of Adam’s parents. As a protege of Orlando McGhee of Jay Z’s Roc Nation earlier and now ONErpm, Adams brings a seamless fusion of hip-hop and bass house style to ‘HOV’, which showcases the best of today’s bass house music scene, as well as the pure sound of hip-hop. Largely composed of B-roll cuts, the music video allows the listener to take a peek into Adam’s vision of fusing together underground house, urban music with main stage vibes, and experimenting with unique sounds. He is also a part of the 401 WSTproject with the Toronto Raptors’ DJ 4Korners

As a producer, label owner and drummer, Ashton Adams has had an illustrious career shaped by creating and collaborating on music that represents his love of both hip-hop and house music. He has worked with many artists such as viral Tik-Tok star 347aidan, Bryan “BC” Cockett and Vito Luprano (who just so happens to be Celine Dion’s executive producer). Adams also happened to meet 100M’s at the Miami Hit Factory where world-renowned artists such as Daddy Yankee, Nicki Minaj and Timbaland have recorded their phenomenal work. 

Adams is also the founder and operator of the Canada-based Kyngdom Records and Kyngdom Studios; he’ll be touring with renowned Canadian rock band Stereos as a drummer with Justin Bieber doppelganger Brad Sousa for their reunion tour in the summer of 2022. Adams gives back to his local community as a high priority and has partnered with The Waterloo Region District School Board to offer classes for high schoolers who are passionate about singing, rapping, music production and photography.

You can watch the official music video of ‘Hov’ by Ashton Adams and 100m’s down below, be sure to let us know your thoughts!

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