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Dj Marty Mcfly opens up about his melodic sound, his radio show ‘Dreaming’ and more: Interview

Blessing us all with the most feel-good of auras, Dj Marty McFly has been creating a legacy of his own within our community. Offering a glimpse into his remarkable life, the man of the moment leaves us all in awe of everything that he has achieved thus far in his career.

Presenting us all with the most melodic of sounds, Dj Marty Mcfly (real name Martin Miller) has embarked on a musical career like no other, whilst each of his releases act as a clear indication of everything that he set out to achieve within the dance scene. Captivating audiences at any given chance, his love for organic House and Melodic Techno is evident through each of his productions, whilst his unique style behind the turntables ensures nothing less than the most positive of vibes. Hailing from the UK, it was not long until he traded the gloomy weather for that of sunny Ibiza, with the White Isle becoming his permanent residence. Inspired by the most enticing of musical natures, Dj Marty Mcfly is the epitome of an artist that has mastered his craft to the utmost perfection, and in turn, has been blessing fans alike for the better part of over two decades now. Hosting his very own show ‘Dreaming‘ on Ibiza Global Radio, listeners can be sure to embark on the most emotive of journeys, as he now offers a deeper variation of organic House infused with Melodic House and Techno. As an artist that constantly leaves his mark within our community, we are thrilled to catch up with the man of the moment, as he gives us further insight into his remarkable career, his love for melodic sounds, his very own radio show, latest releases and more.

Hello and thank you for joining us! Could you give us a little insight into yourself and your career thus far within the dance scene?

Hello! Thank you for having me. Well, my music journey started way back in 1992. I was at school and heard my first real dance track, ‘T99‘ by Anasthasia. From this point on I fell in love with Electronic music, started DJing on Vinyl, playing mainly hardcore and Jungle at first. From there my love for dance music continued, eventually I found my true calling in house music. I started playing at various events including Miss Moneypennys, Lust, Po NaNas and All Funked Up. After working on the UK circuit, I went on to promote an event called Funky Bunny across England in collaboration with Vibe FMOver the following period, personal troubles got the better of me, and my passion for DJing fell to the wayside. My confidence and happiness were shaken, and I needed a fresh start. So, I sold up my business and moved to my spiritual home of Ibiza in 2019In 2021, I started working with Global Radio with my business, DiscoverIbiza. I was asked by the station to DJ for a live event called Wake Up Ibiza. This show restored my love for music and revitalised my confidence to return to the decks. Then in December, I started my brand new show ‘Dreaming‘ every Saturday at 6 pm CET time. Why is it called Dreaming? Because this was once a dream, and now here I am playing on the biggest dance station in the world to 1.5 million + global listeners. I am very thankful and feel very lucky, it’s like Im dreaming!

You mentioned that you had personal troubles that affected your passion for DJing. Can you tell us how you managed to overcome those problems and what helped you in the process.

When my late mother was diagnosed with dementia, my life was turned upside down. I became miserable, started drinking and became resentful. As a result, my DJing suffered, and I started having anxiety and panic attacks. At the Vibe Weekender I froze and had a panic attack in front of a 1000+ people and that finished me. I soon stopped DJing through fear of it happening again. Eventually, the stress and heartache resulted in a total collapse of my life in the UK. After my mother passed, I knew I needed a change. And that’s where my Ibiza story began. Being here allowed me to rebuild myself again and find inner happiness. Eventually my confidence grew, and it’s allowed me to venture forward with my passion for music. The White Isle is a place that always leaves me smiling. It’s lead me on a journey to where now I can say I’m healthy both physical and mentally once again.

Marty Mcfly

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With Organic House and Melodic Techno your preferred genres, we would like to know your main inspiration(s) when emerging within the scene, as well as the impact that time may have had on your music selection over the years?

I have always had a love for melodic sounds. It all stems from my love of trance, the euphoric melodies and uplifting arpeggios are soothing for the soul. Some of my favourite artists; Lee Burridge and All Day I Dream, Sebastien Ledger are leaders now and true pioneers in the genre. Ibiza Global radio has also been supporting that style for years, thus why Im a fan of the station!

Hosting your own radio show on Ibiza Global Radio, could you give us a further view on your show ‘Dreaming,’ the main style of play that you choose for each broadcast, as well as an overall feel of what your show has set out to offer to anyone tuning in?

Dreaming allows me to design a journey, every week I bring together the latest organic house tracks and blend in some classics. I love taking people on a musical adventure as the genre has so much to offer. Ill relax the vibe for a little while, but will always have the energy to get you ready for Saturday night later on.

Music labels such as All Day I Dream, Melody Of The Soul and Hoomidaas are just a few among the ones featured on your radio show. We would like to know how significant the more organic house/melodic style of music has been for both your music selection as a radio show host, as well as a dance music producer within our community?

For me, these labels now lead the way. There are some excellent independent labels out there with amazing producers on their rosters. One who is now doing amazing is Mass Digital, a purely magical producer. His tracks are so inspiring, they capture my imagination to use the songs to create something special in the mix. I would also say hes one of my main influences, productions wise.

Speaking of music production, fans alike have been blessed over the years with an array of Dj Marty Mcfly releases. Could you give us a hint on any new projects that may be in the works, as well as any upcoming releases?

Yes, well like anyone I have several unfinished projects! Frustratingly I have one track I love but it’s just not right! Its been driving me crazy for so long, but the sound has kind of moved on! I have two current tracks in production, but I have been very busy recently but Im hoping to have them finished for my first EP. Both tracks feature rich melodies and magical breakdowns to capture the mind.


Marty Mcfly

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Having started your career back in 1995, could you give us an insight on how rewarding or even challenging your time has been ever since your emergence in the scene, as well as any similarities or differences that you witness when contrasting now to then?

I have to say the dance scene is a hard place to breakthrough. I ended up promoting my own nights to gain more exposure years ago, this certainly helps move you forward but comes with cost and stress! Now, of course, in the digital age, it’s become even easier to DJ and the market is flooded with talented hopefuls. But Im a great believer in being nice, polite, honest, working hard and pushing yourself. These are the elements to success in the music biz – well, in my opinion anyway! Keep yourself in front of promoters, attend events and network. It’s not easy but your passion and hard work should hopefully shine through.

Hailing from the UK, you now reside in the Balearic Islands, and Ibiza in particular. Besides the obvious weather differences, we would like to know the main reasoning behind leaving your homeland, and more significantly, how impactful has such a decision been on your musical career?

Well, for many years during my stressful times of life, I came to Ibiza for holidays to unwind. I fell in love with the Ushuaia hotel and spent many holidays there, its one of my favourite places on the island. Soon my love for Ibiza grew and it became like an addiction! I was only ever happy when I was here. So when my life changed it was the right choice to make this place my home. It’s not been an easy journey and the island certainly tests you! But now, I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. I train every day and now have a passion for my music like never before. The White Isle now inspires me and drives me forward to succeed and reach new heights!

Maintaining the most positive of auras no matter the climate or situation, Dj Marty Mcfly is a true inspiration to all of us, and we are more than happy to be provided with a small glimpse into his remarkable life and journey within the dance scene. With 2022 in full flow, and summer not that far away, you can catch the man of the moment at the stunning new 5 star sunset hotel, Can Salia, in Ibiza, where he will be offering the most eclectic of sets every Saturday night. With his first EP ‘Dreaming‘ set to be released in April, be sure to follow Dj Marty Mcfly on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify, as you will have to trust us when we say that you don’t want to miss out on all his future endeavors within our community.

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