Eric Prydz remix of M83’s ‘Midnight City’ turns 10 years old

Although Eric Prydz has remixed many iconic tracks over his career so far, none remain to be quite as iconic as his unique take on M83’s ‘Midnight City’. Although it is an iconic track in its own right, Prydz truly made it his own and now, the remix has recently turned ten years old already.

Released on 24 February 2012 during one of the Golden Era of EDM’s peak moments, the Eric Prydz Private Remix, to give it its full name, instantly sparked a whole new level of popularity for both Prydz and M83 alone – with the remixed version garnering over 26 million streams on Spotify to date – who also saw a huge boost in people listening to the original version after this. 

The beauty of this remix is that it doesn’t stray far from the original version, being simplistic in its concept and therefore also being universally enjoyed by fans of all different genres. Injecting a jolt of progressive energy into his version, listening to it even ten years later it feels fresh and youthful as ever. Euphoric, melodic and bursting at the seams with pure, unfiltered energy, it is one of those tracks that simply could never age badly and still has the same goosebump-inducing effect as it did ten years ago. 

With tracks like these, it can be hard to believe that it’s already ten years old. This remix still serves as a burst of happiness, an epic throwback to those Golden EDM days. Do you remember the first time you heard this track?


Image Credit: Eric Prydz (via Michael Tullberg / Getty Images), M83 – Midnight City (Artwork)

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