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Gal Adrian unveils remastered version of hit single ‘Vital’: Listen

Looking to leave his own mark within the electornic dance industry, Gal Adrian has just blessed fans alike with the most captivating of sound(s), as the remastered version of his hit single ‘Vital,’ will have listeners grooving in no time at all. A dance track for the ages, the Latin American DJ/producer ensured that each element was enforced to nothing less of perfection, whilst the combination of a sharp rhythm and highly energetic synths, have resulted in an end product that is destined for the very top of the charts. Elevating the track to even further heights, Georgian vocalist Sevda B, offers the most emotive of vocals, and in turn, entices us all with the most unique of melodies.

Composing and producing the most distinctive of sound(s), Adrian has set on inspiring us all through his own love towards music, as each of his tracks face no barriers between borders and genres, and in fact, ensure that whatever the situation, music is the one true form that can connect us all and help “make this world a better place.” A truly unique outlook on both music and life in a general context, we can’t help but feel excited of everything that this rising star has to offer, with ‘Vital’ a clear indication on what Adrian has set out to achieve within our community. With this in mind, the man of the moment had the following to say on the main inspiration behind his latest release;

“I think that all of us at some point in our lives say to ourselves “what am I doing this for?” or “is it worth it?,” a question which makes me wonder whether I am vital to this world? I wanted to create something that reflects that. ‘Vital’ brings with it a chaotic and in a way confusing melody, which doesn’t give a sense of disclosure. But eventually the listeners realize that any each and one of us is changing the world, even if it is by a tiny bit.”

A certified hit in our books, ‘Vital’ will most definitely have you feeling some type of way throughout its entirety. As thrilling as the next production, be sure to check out this masterpiece of a track in all its glory below, as we will be keeping a close eye on Adrian and his future endeavors within the dance scene. You can also follow Adrian on Spotify, Soundcloud and Instagram for latest releases and more.

Image Credit: Gal Adrian (Press)

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