The Chainsmokers release beautiful break-up anthem ‘iPad’: Listen

Making a monumental return from their hiatus, American producing and djing duo The Chainsmokers have been giving us a tease into their next chapter and album recently. With the previously released track ‘High’ making humongous waves across the industry due to its catchy guitar riffs and stunning use of bass. Now The Chainsmokers are giving us an inside look again into their currently untitled 4th album with the brand new track ‘iPad’

‘iPad’ sees the pair return to their older style of music released in the past, musically sounding alike ‘Paris’ and ‘Closer’ within its production. Melodic beats, delicate piano keys and claps align the track to modern times, preventing ‘iPad’ from sounding dated. Lyrically the track showcases the worst parts of a break-up, relatable lyricism beautifully performed by duo member, Drew Taggart who has seen himself become the forefront of the group’s vocal efforts over the past few years. The duo took to Instagram to discuss the creation of the track when they share:

We wrote this song when I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to. it wasn’t that I didn’t have anyone that would listen, but I had reached a level of cognitive dissonance that I felt was unexplainable. we feel really lucky we get to do it in song form and that you are willing to listen. it’s helped us a lot, so thank you.

The release of ‘iPad’ is accompanied by an official music video, shot in New York City, the video features many settings and stories and sees itself as one of the best videos from The Chainsmokers yet. You can check out that video here and make sure to check out this beautiful track on Spotify below, alternatively on your streaming platform of choice here.

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