Home Uncategorized TATE SEDAR returns with emotive new single ‘Find a Way’: Listen
TATE SEDAR returns with emotive new single ‘Find a Way’: Listen
TATE SEDAR via Press

TATE SEDAR returns with emotive new single ‘Find a Way’: Listen

Home Uncategorized TATE SEDAR returns with emotive new single ‘Find a Way’: Listen

Exploring his journey with mental health issues and balancing music production into his day to day life, TATE SEDAR captivates with the release of ‘Find a Way.’

Returning with the most emotive of production(s), TATE SEDAR has just blessed fans alike with his latest release, entitled ‘Find A Way.’ Portraying a message of hope and understanding, the LA-based DJ/producer offers us all a glimpse into his own life, where struggles concerning mental health, as well as the ability to balance music production and day to day activities, eventually led up to the darkest of moments. Overcoming any of the adversities faced in a way that he only knew how, ‘Find A Way’ acts as the clear representation of a moment in time where even though everything may have seemed scarce, there will always be a path that leads to the brightest of outcome(s).

Accepting the past and everything that was endured, SEDAR fuses his love for dance music with soundpieces of his life, and in doing so, has once again left us all in awe with the most mesmerising of end products. Implementing each musical element to the utmost of perfection, ‘Find A Way’ features both guitar and flute sound(s) in the builds, whilst the ultimate drop will have listeners grooving in no time at all. Lyrically enticing, SEDAR ensures nothing less than a masterpiece of a track, and with the original project coming to life for the first time since 2012, we can’t help but be full of praise for not only the final product, but also SEDAR’s ability of portraying the most personal of messages through his one true passion, his undeniable love for music.



More than set on leaving a lasting impact within our community, SEDAR is the epitome of an artist that has spent his entire life mastering his craft, and we are all for it. Proving his musical prowess once more, ‘Find A Way’ will have anyone feeling some type of way, and as it happens to be for most releases portraying the deepest of messages, the accompanying video is nothing short of spectacular. Showcasing SEDAR’s life and the struggles faced, the man of the moment has made his thoughts more than clear as “it’s time to be open about it,” with mental health a common issue faced by his fellow peers in the dance scene, as well as on a human basis in general.

Be sure to check out ‘Find A Way’ and its accompanying video in all its glory below, and don’t forget to leave us your own thoughts in the comments section. Destined for nothing other than success, we will most definitely be keeping a close eye on SEDAR and all his future endeavors within the dance scene, but for the time being, you can stay up to date by following this fast-rising star on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify. Enjoy!


Image Credit: TATE SEDAR (via Press)

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