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Is it possible to improve your foreign language skills by listening to music? And if so, how exactly it can be done?

Music is more than just a method to rest after a long day at work or a lovely background for daily activities. Music aids in the faster and easier acquisition of foreign languages. Everyone who is just beginning to learn a foreign language wishes for a magic wand that will allow them to grasp the language more quickly and with less work. One of these “magic wands” is music. What role does it play in the learning of foreign languages?

1. Mental activity is stimulated.

The so-called “Mozart effect” has been scientifically established. Listening to classical music, particularly Mozart, improves intellectual efficiency, memory, and attention concentration. Classical music aids in the learning of grammar, as well as the memorization of new words and their spelling. It is not necessary to study a foreign language while listening to music; simply listen to it for at least 5-10 minutes before class.

2. It teaches you how to recognize words in a conversation’s flow.

For beginners, distinguishing individual words amid the flow of cohesive foreign language speech is a difficult challenge. This problem is particularly common among students of the French language, in which words “flow” into one another, making it difficult to tell where one phrase ends and another begins. Music aids in the learning of how to break down a sentence into individual words, which enhances listening abilities in general. This occurs as a result of the melody’s accentuation of specific words.

3. It aids in the learning of a foreign language’s melody.

According to studies, people who have listened to a foreign language before learning it make faster progress than those who have never heard the language’s sound. Listening to music in a foreign language allows you to become more familiar with the language’s tone and melody. Everything is simpler with English in this sense, but individuals learning more “strange” languages, such as Norwegian, Finnish, Korean, or Japanese, should first locate and listen to musical selections in those languages.

4. It aids in the acquisition of common vocabulary and expressions.

The lyrics make use of terminology that is commonly used in ordinary conversation. Adjectives and verbs that describe feelings and activities, as well as numerous “fashionable” terms and colloquial expressions. If you approach the repertoire selection right, you can acquire a lot of useful terms from the songs.


5. Music aids in the improvement of pronunciation.

Are you looking to get rid of your accent? Act as if you were a student in a language department: listen to as much foreign speech as possible, repeat it, and replicate the intonation. In specific audio laboratories, future linguists and translators work on pronunciation, but the same can be done at home.

Although you can listen to audio books, music will make this work much easier. If you sing instead of speaking a foreign language, you will realize that your accent is less visible. The truth is that your speech’s rhythm is set by the music. Of course, singing foreign songs isn’t the only way to practice pronunciation, but it’s a fun and effective way to get started.

6. Allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the cultures of the nations where you are studying the language.

Music is a good way to learn about the culture of the nations where the language is learned. Listen to the lyrics of the songs to get a sense of what people who speak this language think and feel. In addition, having a taste for music in the language you’re learning will provide you with a topic of conversation with native speakers in an informal context.


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