WISEMEN release huge three-track EP ‘Bla Bla’: Listen

WISEMEN, a trio on the rise based in California, are hitting the industry hard with their explosive three-track EP titled ‘Bla Bla‘. “We intended on making a dance song with a bit more emotion than anything on our Catalogue,” they say about one of the tracks featured on the EP.

Consisting of Volume K, SWTCH and Gasper, each member that make up the trio WISEMEN are talented with multiple years of expertise on their own, but together they combine to pack an explosive punch. Daring to shake the house music scene up, they are aiming to challenge everyone’s expectations and preconceptions of the genre with their own signature blend of synths and styles. Grabbing elements from unexpected places such as techno & minimal, they can find inspiration anywhere and make it work for them, partly why they are so unique in what they do.

The recent release, three-track ‘Bla Bla’, proves that they are serious industry players and each track gives the listener something unique to enjoy. Introducing the EP, ‘BLA BLA‘ is nothing short of a true dancefloor filler. Leaning into their tech house capabilities, a repetitive and catchy vocal hook propels the track forward into the limelight whilst the soundscape built upon by each three members does the rest of the talking. Nothing short of serious heat, this is a track that will leave no room on the dancefloor, packed with dancing bodies. Keeping the strong momentum going is ‘Myrrh‘ which WISEMEN state is one of their favourite records they’ve done, and for good reason. With a spicy kick to it, this track has flair and flavour that will leave you satisfied. Huge drums, a bassline that means business and even a trumpet: you can find it all here. Closer ‘STAY’ is actually one of the first records that they worked on with this project, and thus takes on a special meaning for them all. They explain further when they state about this melodic masterwork:

“Stay is actually a very special record. We intended on making a dance song with a bit more emotion than anything on our Catalogue. We started with the main melody that you hear and then started experimenting with different grooves and patterns for the bassline.”

Proving that there is something for every type of house music lover, WISEMEN have bridged the gap between all aspects of house, tying them together into one EP, which you can listen to below.


Image Credit: WISEMAN (Press)

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