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MATHAME and CamelPhat take you on a gravitating sonic journey in ‘Believe’: Listen

This collaboration with CamelPhat is part of MATHAME‘s ‘NEW SOUND PROGRAM‘ series.

The boundaries of good are broken when two heavy names from the melodic techno circuit come together. This time, Italian duo MATHAME and GRAMMY-nominated duo CamelPhat combine their talents to create something fantastic. ‘Believe‘ is the single that brings the two duos together and is already out on the usual platforms via Astralwerks.

Mike Di Scala and Dave Whelan, better known together as CamelPhat, are among the most respected artists of the moment. Their brilliant career was consolidated by the much anticipated 2020 album ‘Dark Matter‘ and they have, with their iconic performances, marked their presence in all relevant events. MATHAME, the duo consisting of brothers Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli, have been spreading their very particular magic since 2013. ‘Nothing Around You‘ and ‘Skywalker‘ are two of the EPs that launched them to the top of the melodic techno food chain, from where they have never left. In addition to keen expertise, the Italian duo has the gift of producing authentic anthemic gems, tracks full of dreamy sounds and vocals that sound like whispers from another world.

Now together, these two duos have managed to combine their essences to create an emotive offering, a perfect complement to this summer season. ‘Believe’ marks the strong collaboration of MATHAME and CamelPhat and also serves as the debut of ‘NEW SOUND PROGRAM’, a series of singles curated by MATHAME that aim to deliver tailored tracks for the dancefloors this summer. The project focuses on sci-fi-clubbing, a soundwave that promises to rock the clubs this summer.

‘Believe’ exalts an incredible texture game that so well mirrors the expertise of these four producers. The strolling kick coupled with a blanket of synths is delicately progressive, opening doors to a more celestial and emotive dimension that culminates in a punchy and deep drop. The vocal is ethereal, expanded and expansive, occupying the tracks elegantly. The emotive vocals and mathematical construction of MATHAME’s synths are very well-identified, which here marries perfectly with the strong bassline and the dark, piercing aura of CamelPhat. What a combination!

There are many spheres and feelings that ‘Believe’ encapsulates, so it will be very difficult to remain indifferent to the dark beauty of this melodic anthem. Believe and press play below:

Image Credit: CamelPhat Press / Provided by Measure PR UK