Tomorrowland 2022

Tomorrowland 2022: Top 10 bass acts to see across the three weekends

As we prepare for three weekends of madness on the holy grounds of Tomorrowland, we’re breaking down some of the best bass acts to see across the three weekends.

There’s no secret that Tomorrowland has an expansive, multi-genre encompassing lineup. On first glance, it can be overwhelming to attempt to narrow down your choices day-by-day, weekend-by-weekend, but if you’re a fan of the heavier, more bass-orientated side of electronic music, then look no further than our guide of who you must see at the festival no matter which weekend you’re attending.

Who? Fox Stevenson

When & Where? Friday 15 July, Weekend 1, Rampage Stage

Looking for a mix of dubstep and drum & bass? Look no further than UK legend Fox Stevenson. Known for dynamic performances and DJ sets with more than enough energy (and then some!), your feet won’t stop moving with this set. No stranger to Tomorrowland, he has been providing the festival with unforgettable sets for years now, and is not to be missed whether this is your first time seeing him or your 100th.

Who? Virtual Riot

When & Where? Friday 15 July, Weekend 1, Rampage Stage

A true veteran of the scene and someone who can master pretty much any sub-genre of the bass world and beyond, Virtual Riot sets are highly known for not just being unbelievably epic, but also well crafted and thought out to the very note. He’s one of the last artists to close out that stage on Friday night, so be sure to start your Tomorrowland experience right with his set.

Who? Kayzo

When & Where? Saturday 16 July, Weekend 1, Netsky & Friends Stage

Mixing heavy metal and rock sounds with dubstep, Kayzo is an artist that pioneers in the artist of genre-crossing. Bridging two very different genres, he has found a stylistic niche that works wonders and is partly why he’s been chosen to close the stage out on the Saturday of weekend 1.

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Who? DJ Diesel

When & Where? Sunday 17 July, Weekend 1, Monstercat Stage

DJ Diesel, also known to the world mostly as Shaq, is a must-see experience. The super-sized DJ holds nothing back when he performs, and will leave brains rattled and jaws on the floor. At past editions of Tomorrowland, he’s gone viral for headbanging in the crowd, and has even curated his own stage. No matter what he pulls out of the bag this year, we can guarantee it will be a spectacle.

Who? Holy Goof

When & Where? Saturday 23 July, Weekend 2, Netsky & Friends Stage

This UK-based whirlwind of energy and power known as Holy Goof has taken the world by storm with his sets and its not hard to see why. Mixing drum & bass with UK-inspired sounds of bassline and also bass house, he’s a breakout act that has everyone flocking to see him. Just like past Tomorrowland editions, the stage will certainly be packed for his afternoon slot.


When & Where? Saturday 23 July, Weekend 2, Netsky & Friends Stage

Taking the music scene by storm when they first premiered their B2B set at Ultra Miami, Jauz and NGHTMRE are branching out and bringing the bass to Tomorrowland to close out the Netsky & Friends Stage on Saturday night during the second weekend. Expect to hear both artist’s biggest hits as well as older and newer favourites from other artists that will be sure to garner a huge reaction from the excited crowds.

Who? Yellow Claw

When & Where? Friday 29 July, Weekend 3, Mainstage

Bringing the fire the mainstage, Yellow Claw are a duo that have undoubtedly built themselves a unique and striking brand. Aside from their own label-curated Barong Family stage, they’ll disrupt the mainstage and it won’t be the same once they’re done with it. Bordering the lines between dubstep, bass and also hardstyle elements, there’s something for all enjoyers of the harder styles.

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When & Where? Sunday 24 July, Weekend 2, Monstercat Stage

Lately, WHIPPED CREAM is someone who has emerged a star in the bass world. Closing out stages at EDC Las Vegas and performing all across the biggest festivals, this marks yet another Tomorrowland appearance for her. Packing a punch, giving everything she has and putting all of her strength and dedication into bringing a dazzling performance no matter where she is, she is another can’t miss artist on the roster.

Who? Koven

When & Where? Sunday 31 July, Weekend 3, Monstercat Stage

Leaning more towards the drum & bass style of the bass umbrella, Koven are a duo act on the Monstercat roster that have fast become fan favourites. With one half of the duo, Katie, taking the reigns for DJ sets, she combines earth-shattering sounds with live vocals from herself. With this mix, Koven are a dynamic act who’s live performance presence and energy cannot be matched.

Who? Slushii

When & Where? Sunday 31 July, Weekend 3, Monstercat Stage

A staple in any Tomorrowland lineup, feel-good act Slushii will once again leave his mark at the festival on the Monstercat stage in which he has performed on many times. Mastering the line between emotive, singalong moments within his sets and also full throttle dubstep moments, his sets are never the same and have been mastered to perfection. Expect new material from this set, with the latest release of his album and a new one on the horizon later this year with Dim Mak.


Of course, there’s more than just our picks on offer across the three weekends at Tomorrowland, and you can check them all out here. Who will you be seeing?


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