Björk announces ‘Fossora’, her upcoming ‘biological techno’ album

Björk describes her upcoming work as ‘what it’s like when you walk into this fantasy and, you know, have a lunch and farrrrt, and do normal things, like meet your friends’

Yes, the Icelandic superstar is back with a brand new album expected to be released this fall. ‘Fossora‘ will be Björk’s tenth studio album and the successor to ‘Utopia‘ released in 2017. This new work translates the mourning that the artist experienced after losing her mother in 2018 and also represents the feeling that was experienced during the lockdowns, the context in which ‘Fossora’ was produced. In an interview with The Guardian Björk opens up about this upcoming work of hers whose name is the feminine version of the Latin word for ‘digger’. This concept is best explained by the artist who calls this release a ‘mushroom album‘ as she says ‘It’s like digging a hole in the ground. This time around, I’m living with moles and really grounding myself‘. Björk says the tracks ‘Sorrowful Soil‘ and ‘Ancestress‘ are dedicated to her mother’s loss and that her sons Sindri and her daughter Doa are featured as backing vocals.

Fossora’ is made of earthy and organic sounds that Björk calls ‘biological techno’. This sonority includes a sextet of bass clarinets, beats crafted by Indonesian dance duo Gabber Modus Operandi, and also the musician Serpentwithfeet. This LP it’s a living room club album crafted during the pandemic.

This announcement still leaves undisclosed the precise release date of the album and the tracklist, knowing only that ‘Fossora’ will be out this fall. Along with the album will be premiered a podcast serires featuring the discography of the artist. It is worth staying tuned to find out more details.

Image Credit: rlef89 via Flickr | License: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)