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Gorillaz have dropped a stunning music video for ‘Cracker Island’: Watch

The critically acclaimed English virtual band Gorillaz have dropped a visually fascinating music video for their recently released single ‘Cracker Island’.

The Grammy-winning band Gorillaz (featuring Murdoc, Noodle, 2D, and Russel) joined forces with the American musician Thundercat last month for the electronica masterpiece Cracker Island, and now they have followed it up with an astonishing music video that is set to serve as a piece of eye candy for all the viewers. Based on psychedelic visuals and a creepy outline, the video is directed by Fx Goby (Emmy nominated Nexus Studios director) and Jamie Hewlett (co-creator of the band).

Here’s what one of the esteemed members of the virtual band had to say about the music video –

“Think of it as the final scene in the movie, the bit after the grand finale when the hero (me) is about to stride into the sunset, credits rolling. That’s right, we’re starting at the end. Why? COS I WORK IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS.” – Murdoc (Gorillaz)

Be sure to follow Gorillaz and Thundercat on their socials, while you watch the official music video for Cracker Island below –

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Image Credit: Warner Music Australia

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