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Rushline & DOSSCHY provide us with a further outlook on their careers, latest projects and more: Interview

Providing us all with a further outlook into their remarkable careers, Rushline & DOSSCHY have opened up on various subjects during this exclusive interview, as both open up about their time as Rush & Crush, their current solo projects, as well as joining forces once again for a remix project.

Impacting the dance scene in more ways than none, Rushline is the epitome of an artist that has mastered his craft to the utmost of perfection, whilst his ability at redefining genres, has well and truly cemented his status as an artist to watch within our community. Having first gained traction when producing music under the electronic duo, Rush & Crush, it was not long until his solo career also achieved similar success, with hit tracks such as ‘Someone‘ and ‘The Light‘ featuring DØBER and Savage Kids, further indicating the undeniable musical prowess of the Dutch DJ/producer. Opting for a darker sound whilst revealing his new projects to the world, Rushline is more than set on leaving the most disntic of marks within our scene, and we are all for it. Keeping this in mind, we could not be any more thrilled to have caught up with the man of the moment, as he provides us with a further insight on the success behind Rush & Crush, the introduction of Rushline and the ultimate goal as a now solo act, a wider look at his Rush Code alias, as well as general outlook on this multifaceted artist and what the future holds;

Hello and thank you for joining us! Could you give us a little insight on the main inspirations/influences that led to you pursuing a career in music?

I was into the music since my childhood but in 2010, I went to my first trance event which was Armin van Buuren’s show and he inspired me to become a DJ/Producer since that day.

Having started your career as a duo act, Rush & Crush went on to gain support from some of the biggest names in our scene, including the likes of Hardwell, Nicky Romero and Tiesto when naming a few. We would like to know the overall feeling of producing music as part of a group, as well as any differences that you may witness now as a solo act compared to back then?

We made great tracks as Rush & Crush. I produce mainly however it still works of 2 people collaboration, different ideas, and feedback to improve it, which is nice, but with Rush & Crush, it is a different style, which doesn’t really represent my style, what I really want to show to the audience. As a solo, I can make the music that I always wanna do, I feel more like being myself. So for me, the only difference is that I produce totally different styles for Rushline now and can focus on what truly inspires me as a sound.

Launching your solo career back in 2020, Rushline was then introduced in the most fitting of fashions. Could you provide us with a wider look on your style of play as a solo act, as well an overview on the track(s) that further amplified your presence as Rushline, such as ‘The Light’?

Actually, my goal wasn’t following the trending sounds to kick off my solo career, but the sound which inspires me fits with the trending styles. The best way to expound my style as a solo act is that, I introduce the dark commercial with my underground sounds. About ‘The Light’, I can only partly relate my vision to this collab, the main idea wasn’t mine. After Valery aka Savage Kids sent me the idea, I arranged the breakdown synths with structure adjustments and a little mixing touch, later we sent it to Protocol and Dober finalized the project.



Image Credit: Rushline (Press)


Approaching your music in a more dark commercial and underground vibe, we would like to know the overall process regarding music production as Rushline, as well as any qualities that you may have introduced from back in the day when you begun as a duo act?

I’m inspired only by the music I listen to, I like to catch some things while listening to the music by other producers. After I got an idea, I’m trying to implement it and after I got the demo for me it means that’s track is 80% done. Before finalizing any track I need to be sure that it sounds already good in all speakers, the balance is good, equalizing is good, then it’s ready for mastering. Mastering for me is not so important part of the production because I’m doing almost all the stuff on the mixing part and asking my friend(s) to master the tracks. As Rushline, the key point for me is analog stuff, focusing on atmosphere, more ambiance stuff to get the real dark underground feeling but still to try keeping it energetically. A symbiosis of groovy elements with a melodic and atmospheric synth with a peppercorn of analog creates my specific dark vibe.

In addition to Rushline, you are also now looking to introduce your latest alias, Rush Code. We would like to know the overall feel that this new sound will bring as you release music under Rush Code, as well the style of play that fans should expect from this new side that you are about to unveil?

As Rush Code, I want to present the aggressive and harder side of Rushline, but still, I don’t want to put myself under the name of a certain genre group, I want to experience any styles I want to with this project, and I don’t want to limit myself with a specific sound.

With Rush Code looking to bring a whole new concept to the table, could you provide us with a further insight on any projects that are on the horizon with this alias, as well as any collaborations that may also present themselves along the way?

Don’t want to spoil much but I can tell that we have a strong collaboration coming up with Rush & Hydro, it will be different than our collaborations as Rushline and Rush & Crush, as I mentioned, it will be more aggressive with Rush Code. And there are many other collaborations going on.

With the future looking more than bright, we would like to know of everything that is currently in store for both Rushline and your alias Rush Code, and also any further hints on what your fans can expect as time progresses?

At this moment for both projects, I am more focused on collaborating with other artists to learn and evolving my sound while adding to my vision as well. Both as Rush Code and Rushline, my fans can expect lots of more dark and energetic music.

Having also played his own part in the success of Rush & Crush, Belgian DJ/producer DOSSCHY has also set his sights on global dominance within the dance scene, and we are all for it. With versatility also a key aspect that helps define this artist to watch, it comes to no surprise that each of his releases have amassed millions of streams worldwide, and at the same time, some of the biggest names within the dance scene have been nothing other than full of praise for DOSSCHY and the impact his music has had thus far on the dance industry. With this said, we are more than happy to have also caught up with the man himself, as he opens up about the main inspirations and influences that led to his chosen career pathway, the whole experience regarding the Rush & Crush era and his own outtake of working alongside Rushline in the past, the latest project in the form of ‘Breathe’ that has reunited the duo once again, as well as the overall reaction to the remix when played at the biggest of stages;



Image Credit: DOSSCHY (Press)


Making an impact as an artist for quite some time now, we would like to know the main inspirations that led to you following a career in music, as well as the overall message you aim to portray when taking the stage as DOSSCHY the DJ/producer?

Ever since I was around 12-13 years old, I started spending all my allowance on buying CD’s. At that time I was mainly listening to Hip Hop, but when I was 17, I started going to clubs and festivals and that’s where I discovered dance music. A couple years later, my best friend introduced me into the world of vinyl. He was a dj and at that time I was going out so much, that it really inspired me to give it a try myself. Before I knew I was learning to beatmatch in my bedroom. Instead of just going to the party, I wanted to make the party. Fast forward to now, 15 years later, I’m still doing it with great passion and the main goal is just to make people happy. Without parties or music, life would be so boring.

Having worked closely in the past, it comes to no surprise that the musical chemistry between you and Rushline is one that can never be lost. We would like to know the overall feel of working with each other, as well as the whole thought process behind the production of your tracks?

Personally I don’t always know what direction I want to go when I start working on a track, usually I just ”go with the flow” and see what we end up with. But Ataberk (Rushline’s real name) works under several aliases and he has a clear vision what he wants to do with each of them. So from the beginning we already knew what we were going to make and I must say this was a fun experience for me. I love his professionalism and his work ethic.

Talking about collaborations, your recent remix ‘Breath’ alongside Rush Code was years in the making, and has now been brought back to life through Rushline’s alias. Could you give us an insight on the production of this certified hit, as well the significance that it may carry for yourself?

The original track has a dark and edgy feel and we wanted to make it more accessible for a broader audience and I think we succeeded quite well. It’s actually a similar style as my previous single “Never Enough” which I also released on Equatos recordings so I think this remix is a good addition to my discography.

Premiering the collaboration during your set at Ultra Europe in Croatia, could you provide us with a further insight on the main response by the crowd, as well as the overall message that is portrayed through this particular remix?

I played 2 sets at Ultra Europe and one of them was at one of the festival’s official boat parties. These boat parties are really dope because the people go really all the way. I played our remix at the end of my set and got very good responses, even a couple fistbumps as well. To me this was the actual confirmation that we delivered a solid remix and so immediately after the set was finished, I messaged Rushline to let him know. The overall message that we want to spread with our remix is one of positivity even in hard times or tough situations.

With versatility a key aspect regarding your style of play, we would like to know the overall concept surrounding your productions, the significance of collaborations within our scene, as well as what the future holds for DOSSCHY?

Both as a dj and as a producer, I don’t like to pin myself to one particular genre, that’s why I definitely love doing collabs. For me it’s a good way to explore different genres and to learn from other producers as well, to share knowledge and ideas. I think more and more producers are doing collabs because there’s just such a big amount of tracks being released every week and it’s hard to stand out. When you release a collab with 1 or more other artists, you will most likely reach a much bigger audience than when you release a track on your own. I have no exact release dates planned right now but I’m working on several projects together with some very good producers so make sure to expect some nice tunes in the near future.

Offering us with a wider look on their remarkable careers within the dance scene thus far, both Rushline and DOSSCHY have set out on leaving a lasting legacy behind, be that whilst producing music together or apart. With both more than set on taking our scene by storm at any given time, we could not be any more happy to have been provided with a further glimpse into their lives within the dance industry, and at the same time, we cannot wait of what’s to come from both set of artists’. With this said, be sure to stay up to date with both, by following Rushline on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify, and DOSSCHY on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.



Image Credits: Dosschy (Press) / Rushline (Press)

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