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SLANDER welcomes listeners into their dimension of techno with ‘Before Dawn’: Listen

The power-duo known as SLANDER are surprising their listeners by experimenting with the realms of techno by releasing ‘Before Dawn.’ Building the anticipation for their debut ‘Thrive’ album to be released on September 22, SLANDER is once again not disappointing their fan base with this unexpected single.

Derek Andersen and Scott Land also referred to as the legendary power-duo known as SLANDER have been taking on the industry one electrifying beat at a time. Globally recognized for their unique, emotive, and melodic bass signature sound, SLANDER are proving they can master any genre they put their heart and soul into by experimenting with techno elements in their new single ‘Before Dawn.’ Initiating the perfect amount of groove for those late-night underground parties, this one is about to be a club-ready heater worldwide.

Launching off with an uncontrollable bassline and distorted frequencies, SLANDER are taking us into their world of techno. Dropping all fury as eerie instrumentals and drum kicks take over, fans around the world will be grooving on repeat with this new single. Absolutely mastering their craft and experimenting with new sounds, ‘Before Dawn’ is a techno masterpiece in itself and we cannot wait for more surprises from the legendary duo. Even better, the first phase of SLANDER’s major North American Thrive Tour kicks off September 10 in Phoenix. Featuring brand-new production and new material that will appear on the upcoming album. Opening up about the new single, SLANDER shares:

“When we sat down to make the album one of the things that was most important to us was having the space to actually try something new. ‘Before Dawn’ is a new transformation and we are extremely excited to share it. In our opinion, it is polar opposite to our typical sound and this is why we love it so much. We have been getting great reactions to it during our live sets, and we can’t wait to see where this new path takes us. Let’s enter the dark.. together.”

Listen to the track below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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