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There’s a new kid in the music promotion industry called One Submit

If you’re an artist promoting your music career and you just finished producing your new song, you should definitely carry on reading!

From experience, as former artists in the music industry, we know that the music promotion process can be quite tough for most electronic artists. It is fairly logical to think that artists are better at creating and producing music, rather than promoting it.

Many independent electronic artists,who are constantly busy promoting their new music, are clueless when the question “How to promote your music?” arises.

Up until now, when an artist has finished producing a song, they need to become a promoter for the next month and half. One Submit was born out of this frustration and our mission was to fix this issue for artists.

The platform was founded by music artists and producers, who themselves struggled to promote their own music. Their core belief is that artists releasing music should be artists, and not promoters.

One Submit believes that artists should only focus on writing and producing quality music, and when it comes to promoting music online, they need to have a tool that is efficient, easy to use, and that delivers results for artists.


One Submit

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One Submit allows independent artists to submit their new music to curators from 6 different platforms.

  • Spotify Playlists
  • Youtube Channels
  • Music Blogs
  • Radio Stations
  • TikTok Influencers
  • Record Labels

Deezer playlists, Apple music and other streaming services are coming in the near future,

Up until today, artists have needed to browse and find their suitable playlist curator one by one in order to submit their music, or use other submission platforms that weren’t sufficient enough in terms of results and variety of platforms.

One Submit has made it much easier for artists, as they have taken away the hassle of having to search for curators to submit to.

This one stop shop platform is helping indie artists get their music heard and exposed fast and efficiently. It’s the only platform that gives artists the option to submit music to playlists, and filter them by size.

For example, artists can choose to submit their music to 10 playlists with 20,000 to 50,000 followers, or to 25 playlists with 8,000 to 20,000 followers, all within the artist’s selected music genre. This is a time saver, but also price adjustable, because each playlist size has a different pricing.

For every music submission, the artist will receive a written review from the curator they submitted their song to, if the curator likes their song, the curator will add the song to their playlist.

This option exists in multiple platforms, this is why One Submit is a powerful tool for artists.

Not every song is accepted to the platform, the platform auditions each song and declines songs that are poorly produced. Once an artist’s song has been approved by One Submit, the artist can begin their promotional campaign. The reason for this is to make sure that the approval rate of artists remains on a high level, and artists are getting solid results for their money spent.

Unlike other music promotional services who are having an average approval rate of 15% for most artists, One Submit has had amazing results with an approval rate of 56%.

Meaning that when an artist submits a song, a curator has the option to approve or decline the song of the artist. 56% of the curators have approved an artists’ songs.


One Submit

Image Credit: One Submit


Curator’s review. 

But what happens if a curator declines your song?

If a curator declines your song, they still have to provide you with a written review. So you can use that as feedback to improve your song. No need to worry though, One Submit has over 1500 registered playlists, channels, blogs etc.that you can submit your music to. So if one curator does not approve your song, the chances of your song being approved by other curators are quite high.


One SubmitImage Credit: One SubmitSpotify music submission

A few key notes artists need to take into consideration:

Your song needs to be on streaming platforms in order for it to be submitted to Spotify playlists. One more advantage here is that you don’t need an electronic press kit to use our platform.

So if you’re developing a music marketing plan and you’re all about promoting your music, you should definitely consider using One Submit.

You can visit the platform at:


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