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Fred again.. wraps up colorful album trilogy with release of ‘Actual Life 3’: Listen

Fred Again..’s new album brandishes music spanning from January 1 to September 9 2022.

Fred again.. has taken the world of electronic music by storm in recent months, and it has all culminated in the fine piece of work that is ‘Actual Life 3’. The journey to this album began in August in London when Fred took over the Boiler Room with a set that was packed with unreleased tracks that fans demanded to see receive a prompt release. Following that he went viral as short videos demonstrating his live talents blew up on social media, drawing the attention and many new fans. On the same day as the Boiler Room set, he released his massive collaboration alongside Swedish House Mafia and Future called ’Turn On The Lights again..’. He also appears to have collaborated with the likes of Skrillex and Four Tet, however, those tracks are still yet to see the light of day. That said, he has just delivered the majority of the Boiler Room IDs, giving his fans just what they wanted by releasing ’Actual LIfe 3 (January 1 – September 9 2022)’.

Singles released prior to the full release were those of Danielle (smile on my face)’, ’Blue (better with time)’, ’Kammy (like i do)’, ’Delilah (pull me out of this)’ and ’Clara (the night is dark)’. As in the previous ’Actual Life’ albums, he masterfully utilises samples of different people he meets or comes across on the internet. Again, this album is meticulously crafted, consisting of an intro, and 11 unique and diverse-sounding tracks before its ultimate outro. The first single of the album, ’Eyelar (shutters)’, sets a rather melancholic mood, which continues through the whole LP. The lyrics are often sad, but also reassuring and uplifting complimenting his musical style in keeping the listener hooked to his music from start to finish. It is the kind of music that keeps you moving but draws out emotion in everyone.

As Fred said on Twitter, we are now fully in “actual life 3 mode”. So if you want to know what this album is about, make sure to listen to it yourselves below!

Image Credit: Theo Batterham / Provided by Warner Music Group

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