Kayote returns with new single ‘Like We Do’ on Relavel Records: Listen

Kayote has recently released his newest dance pop production, the endearing single, Like We Do.  The mesmerizing track is out now via Kayote’s own label, Relavel Records, which he formed with his team just over two years ago.

For Kayote, the new single marks another strong release for the Amsterdam producer/ DJ, as he continues to navigate through his deep house, dance pop and tropical house roots.  Like We Do kicks right off with a strong vocal sitting on top of a light soundscape of pads and synths, pushing forward until the pulsing drums kick in and listeners inevitably find themselves humming along to the infectious “do do dodoodoodo” refrain that is layered over much of the track, and fills the space between the tag line, “Oh just like we do.”  The track is wonderfully produced, offering space to breath, as if a warm summer breeze is engulfing the listener, providing the perfect amount of warmth and refreshment to energize the body and soul.

‘I wanted to make a danceable feel good song to simply brighten up your day. Whether you’re on the best roadtrip trip of your life, having a memorable party with friends and family or celebrating a victory with your (sports)team. I hope Like We Do will spark as much joy as it did to me while making the song and take you back down memory lane when you hear it in a few years.’

Kayote’s own thoughts on his single perfectly capture the mood, a track that is meant to bring people together, a soundtrack to the good moments in one’s life, especially when shared with the ones you love.  As Kayote continues his steady and consistent output, built upon recent releases Every Breath You Take and Coming Home, it seems evident that he has a clear vision for his sound and style and audiences are catching on quickly.


Image Credit: Kayote (Press)