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TP Vision previews new Philips Sound Fidelio wireless AV platform

Philips Sound is taking technology to the next level with a new range of Philips Fidelio wireless AV products based on DTS® Play-Fi® technology launching at the end of this year.

Philips Sound, the masters of audio products who have recently collaborated with Joris Voorn, are revolutionising the next wave of technology, changing the way we listen to audio at home for good. Alongside TP Vision, who develops, manufactures and markets the Philips brand, they have shown off a new range of products.

According to the press release for this new range, it is all about:

“using a premium, App controlled, high-resolution wireless, multi-room audio platform to offer easy and seamless connection and streaming between compatible TVs, mobile devices, sound bars and speakers, located throughout the home.”

Starting off the collection, buyers will be first able to get their hands on three products which include the Fidelio FB1 wireless soundbar, the Fidelio FW1 wireless subwoofer and the Fidelio FS1 bookshelf sized wireless speaker all of which are designed to improve the at home listening experience whether it be for music or for consuming media such as films and and TV shows. Working together, the products can also automatically adjust based on how many products are in use at the same time, not only creating the best acoustics performance throughout the home but also being eco-friendly.

For more information on these revolutionary products, visit the TP Vision website here.

Image credit: Philips Sound / provided by press

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