Home Uncategorized Tony Puccio & ONDAMIKE share remixes of ‘Everybody's Free’: Listen
Tony Puccio & ONDAMIKE share remixes of ‘Everybody's Free’: Listen
Tony Puccio & ONDAMIKE
Image Credit: Tony Puccio (Press)

Tony Puccio & ONDAMIKE share remixes of ‘Everybody's Free’: Listen

Home Uncategorized Tony Puccio & ONDAMIKE share remixes of ‘Everybody's Free’: Listen

For DJ’s and producers, the work of selecting tracks for a set and creating new remixes and edits is an essential role of the job, and Tony Puccio and ONDAMIKE both take that role and responsibility very seriously.  While each of them have made a name for themselves in their home state of Florida, especially the Tampa region, their production and dedication to the craft extends well beyond the city.

For their latest production, the two producers have each revisited the 2016 single from 2 Tall Keith, Ginelle Yvonne and Ricky Ricardo, the dance floor ready anthem, Everybody’s Free.  For Tony Puccio, the producer adds a distinct Tech House vibe to the track.  Starting off strong with a steady percussion and distorted synth stabs, the tracks provides grit while still offering a strong foundation for Ginelle Yvonne’s smooth vocal delivery.  As the drop approaches, he builds up the energy, adding a snare roll that grows and reaches the forefront, before a set of stabs open the track up for a high energy break.  From here, Puccio makes sure to keep the energy up, letting the percussion, bass and synths drive the track as the vocals come back in.  It is a peak hour track that will no doubt get the crowd moving.

For ONDAMIKE, he opted for more of a Bass House vibe, and the contrast to Tony Puccio’s release help ensure that both sound fresh side by side on this remix EP.  ONDAMIKE opts to start right in with a four to the floor kick and massive synths stab, with a chopped up vocal and riser bringing up the energy before the verse hits.  Here the rhythmic bass and soft lead build a solid foundation before the music opens up to provide room for the chorus until exploding for the drop.  The drums hit hard, the synth stabs are massive and the lead is infectious.  It is clear that whatever is going down in Tampa, FL, it is a true dance party and Tony Puccio and ONDAMIKE are providing an excellent soundtrack to it.



Image Credit: Tony Puccio (Press) & ONDAMIKE (Press) / Provided by Artists

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