The Blessed Madonna

The Blessed Madonna shares sparkling music video for new single ‘Serotonin Moonbeams’: Watch

The video captures real footage of partygoers having fun to the sound of The Blessed Madonna.

Last month, Marea Stamper, aka The Blessed Madonna blissed the community with ‘Serotonin Moonbeams‘, her first solo release in five years. Coated in the purest happiness, this dance tune perfectly embodies the Kentucky-born, London-based producer’s personality. Glitter, eccentricity, freedom. It’s an explosion of The Blessed Madonna that now gets a music video to match.

As a celebration of the release of her new single, the artist has gathered together at The Bunker, in Deptford, an army of partygoers with a licence to do absolutely whatever they want. With body cams and an insatiable desire for dance and freedom, they gave wings to the happiness spread by the music of The Blessed Madonna and staged the sexiest and most beautiful chaos. About this original concept of producing a music video, The Blessed Madonna said:

‘This is probably a bad way to go about promoting a record about raves, but I loathe party videos. I don’t think there’s anything more insulting to everything that’s good and true and beautiful about dance music than canned DJ euphoria moments, choreographed—some jerk off spray tanned guy who pretended to make a record, who’s pretending to DJ, hands-in-the-air rammed down the throats of the viewer. I didn’t even want to be in the video. I just wanted the ideas in the song to unfold naturally at a real, blood, sweat and tears-on-the-floor party. So that’s what we did. We strapped body cams on people, who then proceeded to get absolutely pissed out of their minds. Uffie showed up with Vaseline and glitter smeared all over her chest and we got weird in a hole-in-the-wall club till morning. I swept up when we were done. What you see in the video is a more polite version of what happened. To be honest, very few people probably precisely realized they were a part of a music video. They just knew they were feeling something they had missed. It can be like that. We don’t have to settle for less’.

Let this bubbling 90’s rave fever sweep you off your feet and watch the video below:


Image Credit: The Blessed Madonna (Press) / Provided by  Warner Music Group