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Eric Prydz ‘Opus’ vinyl sells for $2,105 on Discogs

Following the sale of a vinyl copy of Eric Prydz‘ iconic ‘Opus‘ on Discogs for $2000 last June, another copy has just sold for an even higher price of $2105 back in November, as just revealed by the website.

Not long ago, music selling and information database website Discogs published a blog post about November 2022’s most expensive sales of that month, and a familiar name pops up in the top 25 list, that being Eric Prydz. Back in 2016, a limited edition pressing of the album ‘Opus’ was put on sale, and with it being incredibly limited to only 500 individually numbered and signed copies, its no surprise as to why resale demand prices are skyrocketing. This isn’t the first time a copy of this very album has made the expensive sales lists either. Back in August of last year, Discogs posted a list of most expensive items sold in June, and ‘Opus’ made the list at a sale price of $2000. This time though, the sale price exceeds this.

Coming in at 21 out of 25 on the November list, this copy has sold for $2105, proving that the demand is still very much alive for this particular record. Also on the list are the likes of The Beatles, Nirvana and Pink Floyd, but the most expensive sale goes to Michael Cosmic‘s 1975 record ‘Peace In The World‘ for $8000.

Check out the full list via Discogs here.


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