QR707 Psychological Attack

QR707 delivers hard hitting new single ‘Psychological Attack’: Listen

They say pursuing music is a young man’s game, but 10-year-old phenom, QR707 is taking that mindset to a whole new level with his incredible production and DJ skills.  Inspired by his father who is a music producer as well, plus dance music icons David Guetta and Boris Brejcha, this young producer is already making a name for himself with his solid output at such a young age.

The young producer, inspired by his father’s work in the music industry, first got into DJing at the age of 7, when he was fortunate enough to be exposed to a wide variety of musical styles and where he discovered his love for techno.  To help further hone his skills, QR707, real name Michael, attended DJ skill where he was able to not only advance his skills on the turntables but also take courses in songwriting.  The young producer was hungry to showcase his talents and made a name for himself through his 2022 debut singles, Rave Machine and ChaosThis early output found a growing audience and the latter of the two was even featured on BBC1 Radio, the most-watched British national radio station.

With the calendar freshly turned over to 2023, QR707 is wasting no time in making an impact on the new year as he returns with his latest work, Psychological Attack.  The new track is a somewhat haunting production, built around a steady kick drum, it ebbs and flows across its seven-minute run time, taking listeners on a musical journey far more advanced than the age of the man behind the music.  When the hypnotic lead kicks in just past the one-minute mark, it draws in its audience, barrelling forward with the purpose and energy fitting of any club on the planet.

For those uninitiated with QR707, now is the time to hop on the bandwagon as this young prodigy is prepared to conquer the world through his musical masterpieces.


Image Credit: QR707/Psychological Attack

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