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Oshri Cohen mesmerizes from the stage at HARMONIZZ: Watch

Any time an artist takes the stage, they are looking to bring their audience with them on a spiritual and sonic journey, laying out a soundtrack that is designed to both entertain and inspire all at once.  For Oshri Cohen, this is the fabric and essence of his musical journey and the impetus behind the creation of the HARMONIZZ Festival.

As the music landscape, as well as the emotional connections made at festivals, continue to evolve, artists are looking to provide safer spaces and more spiritually focused events, such as meditation and yoga to offset the intense energy of dance music.  It is this mindset that helped bring the HARMONIZZ festival to life, taking place in August of 2022.  The sold-out 3-day event was full of spiritual healing and positive dance vibes, which is exactly what Oschri Cohen and the event coordinators were hoping to deliver:

“We decided to create a new wave of festivals. A unique experience that combines wellness and music. When we first saw hundreds of people dancing on the main stage while hundreds meditate and practice yoga on the other side of the mountain at the same time- we knew we made something special. Our goal now is to keep it community-based yet expending to the world and exploring new beautiful souls.”

Taking to the stage that weekend, Oshri Cohen looked to deliver a performance that would align with the ethos of the event.  His hour-and-a-half set was full of fan favorites and new IDs, allowing the audience to transcend their surroundings while burning off the final burst of energy for the evening before decompressing at the end of the night.

“For me, When I go on stage with my music – it is time for the audience to perform. My goal is to bring them the opportunity of letting go and be themselves. Their true beautiful savage selfs.”

The opening notes of the performance were a new ID titled Fly High, a work of Cohen’s that perfectly set the mood, as it was atmospheric yet driving, with a beautiful vocal interlude in the middle of the track to allow moments of reflection before the kick comes back to get the body moving again.  The crowd clearly responded to the energy and vibe of both the music as well as the soft lighting that defined the stage area, as Cohen dove into the next ID from his set, Someone Is Listening, a techno-driven track from Tel Aviv Acid Club.  The energy of the music ebbed and flowed, perfectly in line with the setting and ethos of the weekend.

“Electronic music is meditative at its core. It can have real healing powers. The repetitive beats can, in a way, stop the time. And that’s exactly what I want to achieve when myself go on the dance floor- stop time and be totally present. In the moment.”

As Oshri Cohen went deeper into his set, he delivered a club mix of the single from which the festival derived its name.  HARMONIZZ (Club Version) ensured that the full spiritual vibe and energy were contained within the nearly 5-minute ID, allowing the track to continue to set the tone for the evening.  Continuing to unleash his harmonic soundwaves onto the audience, he showcased two fresh IDs with MENTESH, the first titled WHITE STRAWBERRY followed immediately by 4TH.  The songs took Cohen and his crowd past the midway point of his set and the energy and output have been built up nicely throughout the performance.

Be sure to check out the full set from Oshri Cohen at HARMONIZZ on YouTube now!

Image Credit: Oshri Cohen/Harmonizz

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