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Spacey Gray delivers second single of 2023 ‘Will Powah’: Listen

With over a decade’s experience in the DJ booth and studio, Australian producer Spacey Gray is continuing to forge his own path within the electronic music scene.  Already his second single of the new year, WIll Powah continues to showcase the producer’s unique production style and ability to create beautiful rhythms from non-standard samples and orchestrations.

From the opening beats of the track, Spacey Gray lets listeners know that they are on a musical journey, one that isn’t bound by the confines of genres or “industry standards” but showcases the freedom and beauty that music holds for so many listeners.  Opening up with a scattered percussion section and glitch filled lead, Will Powah evolves and forces itself upon the listeners psyche from the first measure of the track.  Within the first minute, the track expands, showcasing a beautiful layer of synths, that cuts in between the glitches and beat, offering a ray of sunshine in between the ordered chaos of the music.  It is reminiscent of the patterns and designs first showcased back in 2000 when Radiohead released their magnum opus, Kid A.

While the percussion and glitch lead define the majority of the track, Spacey Gray makes sure it is never stagnant, introducing short deviations and interludes to continuously engage and challenge the listener.  The entire six and a half minute journey of the track is thralling and encompassing, creating an audio journey that is full of depth and fascinating scenery.  In a scene that is so concerned with “fitting in” and features so much repitition in what sells, Spacey Gray is confident enough in his own direction to brush off the trends and forge forward with his own musical path and identity.

Assuradely unlike anything else that will come up on your playlists, Will Powah is a feeling, a journey, and an attitude that is worth your time and attention.

Image Credit: Spacey Gray

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