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Van Múrten releases ‘This Is Love / Above The Skyline EP’: Listen

Van Múrten has no fear when it comes to crafting larger-than-life productions that would ignite any dance floor but also seem to capture emotions and visions that extend beyond the normal cliches of the dance music culture. With his latest release, he is continuing to build upon an already impressive resume while crafting music that is massive in scope and ambition.

With a solid resume, Van Múrten has gained notoriety thanks to releases via Colorize and Armada Music, as the inclusion of his music in the Ultra Music Festival aftermovie, and a recent drop on 3Lau’s music ownership platform, Royal. All of these outlets and support help the producer continue to push his sound and productions to dazzling new heights. The results are clear in his latest EP, the sprawling and beautiful two-track set, This Is Love : Above The Skyline.” Including both regular and extended edits of both tracks, Van Múrten has crafted works that are infectious and immediate, while avoiding the typical formats and sound design that the dance music scene is so immersed in today.

To celebrate the release of his latest signature melodic breaks EP called «This Is Love / Above The Skyline» on the Colorize label Van Múrten decided to record his live set at the oceanfront in Uluwatu, Bali. In this set he played most of his latest released tracks, mashups and unreleased ID.

This Is Love opens up with an urgency that grabs the listener by the shoulders and demands their attention.  A heavily saturated vocal repeats the refrain of, “I know, this is love,” over and over as the percussion, bass, and leads swirl around, ebbing and flowing but always bringing the listener along for the ride.  The production is massive and pristine as it powers forward until finally giving a slight reprieve at the 1:44 mark of the track, before building back up for the big finish.  The second track of the collection, Above The Skyline, also features a short vocal tag, but grows slower, allowing time to slowly immerse oneself in the track before it reveals the full array of Van Múrten’s production powers.

Listen to this brilliant new EP below along with the various tracks from his liveset:

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