ZHU releases 2nd ‘Musical Chairs’ mixtape, downloadable via text message

ZHU has conjured up a magnificent surprise for his fans, releasing a second instalment of his ‘Musical Chairs’ mixtape that can be downloaded when texting a secret phone number.

Zhu has been making impeccable strides in the music industry since his breakout in 2014 with the hugely successful track ‘Faded’, which skyrocketed global charts including the top 10 in the United Kingdom and Australia. Never shying away from bringing uniqueness, the American producer and DJ has released a 2nd instalment of his ‘Musical Chairs’ mixtape.

Being able to retrieve by texting simply “mcmvii” to the number +17738255598, you’ll receive a dropbox link to a 23-minute audio file full of iconic hits and brand new IDs showcasing ZHU’s iconic signature sounds. Stretching across a wide array of genres the likes of pop, R&B and Hip-hop, the ‘Musical Chairs volume 2’ mixtape is an unmissable encapsulation of ZHU.

In October last year, we spoke exclusively with ZHU to discuss this new mixtape project among other things, you can read that interview for yourself here. Volume 1 of ZHU’s ‘Musical Chairs’ was eventually released on Spotify and other streaming platforms, however, the new one is currently only available via text, you can check out volume 1 for yourself on Spotify below or alternatively on your streaming platform of choice here.


Image Credit: FifthLegend via Wikimedia Commons / Flickr | License: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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