Zvon System

Zvon System: the company offering ghost productions, lessons, mastering & much more

Meet Zvon System, an ecosystem created by Rasster that has been providing budding producers with beats since 2018, with everything related to sound, design, lessons and much more.

Although there are many ghost production services and websites out there, Zvon System is one of the original and leading companies. Formed by Rasster in 2018, Zvon System has seen clients such as Rita Ora, Major Lazer, Imanbek and many more over the past few years use the many services that they have to offer.

But what services do they offer exactly? More than just ghost production, they offer a wide range of things to suit every musician’s needs, whether you’re a producer or a singer. Included in their services are mixing & mastering from their expert team of experienced musicians, finalising tracks including tweaking the track so it reaches its highest level of capabilities and of course, their ghost production services of any genre imaginable, all with complete confidentiality and maximum transparency for its buyers.


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Each track available on their site for ghost production uses are thoroughly tested and created by their expert team, and buyers receive 100% of royalties and rights to the track. From future house to techno, phonk to techno and much more beyond that, every genre imaginable is covered.

On top of affordable costs, the site constantly offers discounts to its customers, and you can use the discount code WRY10 for 10% off any purchase! To browse their range and to see how they can help you, see their website here.


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