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Magnum Records launch ‘Summer Rain’ Remix & Cover Competition

Launching the most unique of initiatives, Magnum Records have teamed up with Leon Vain for the ‘Summer Rain’ Remix & Cover Competition. An opportunity of a lifetime, up and coming artists will be able to showcase their talents in the most immersive of fashions.

Offering the most unique of opportunities, Magnum Records have just launched a remix and cover competition that will allow up and coming artists to present their own renditions of Leon Vain’sSummer Rain.’ A heart-warming and full of emotions track, the original delivers an wide array of musical elements that will have anyone feeling some type of way, whilst its ever-so soothing and at the same time addictive of auras, has resulted in a production for the ages. Intriguing in every sense of the word, ‘Summer Rain’ acts as the perfect starting point for a remix or cover that can be as diverse and edgy as each of the contestants like, with both Magnum Records and Leon Vain providing all the required assets in order to enter their competition, and in turn, further advocating their end goal of providing future talents with a platform that can cater for all their needs.

Providing full freedom on the type of a remix and the chosen genre of each artist, Magnum Records will be rewarding the top three entrees, as well as offering an honorary mention for three more participants. Going into further detail on each prizes, first place will be winning $100 USD, a feature on the ‘Summer Rain’ Remix & Cover Album, as well as a guaranteed opportunity of releasing a track under Magnum Records, whilst second place will be winning $50 USD and a feature on the ‘Summer Rain’ Remix & Cover Album, with then third place winning $25 USD and a feature on the ‘Summer Rain’ Remix & Cover Album. Providing a wider insight on both the track and the competition, Leon Vain stated the following;

“‘Summer Rain’ was inspired by a turbulent, but vapid relationship I experienced. It had its obvious issues that needed communication but would usually be jokingly chalked up to our astrological sign’s differences. I was a teen during this so of course by the time it ended I was absolutely dramatic in thinking “I don’t want to fall back in love… ever,” which served as the basis of the song’s first verse. The rest of the song pokes fun at the trivialization of it all we had when it was blatantly evident they would be the demise of our connection. And so it was. Sonically, I’m elated with how it ended up; as some sort of hodge-podge of Pop, RnB and Synthwave influences. Sure, it’s a song that’s hard to place at times. But I have the chance to say it’s unique to me. I’m excited to see how others give it a whirl, making the song their own! It’ll be so cool to hear people using my sounds to express their own message.”

Entering the ‘Summer Rain’ Remix & Cover Competition could not be any easier, with all relevant information, access to the tracks assets, as well as general terms and conditions, can be found on Magnum Records official website here. With this in mind, we would like to wish all participants the best of luck, as we eagerly await the various renditions that will only further enhance this already certified hit to a different dimension.




Image Credit: Leon Vain (Press)

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