Zilka opens up about main inspirations, impacting the House scene and more: Interview

Looking to leave his own mark within the electronic dance industry, Zilka is the epitome of an artist that has been mastering his craft to the utmost of perfection. Making waves within the House scene, this is one interview that you do not want to miss out on!

Taking listeners on the most euphoric of musical journeys, Zilka is the epitome of an artist that has been mastering his craft to the utmost of perfection. Leaving no doubt to the imagination, each of his releases have been garnering support from some of the biggest names within the dance scene, and at the same time, he has been amassing millions of streams on the most constant of bases. Making waves within the House scene, it comes to no surprise that this artist to watch will have anyone feeling some type of way, whilst each of his productions act as a clear testament towards the undeniable musical prowess that he possesses. Based in Israel and Portugal, Zilka has has the opportunity of performing at some of the biggest stages and events in both Israel and Europe, and despite the young of his age, he could not be any more set on leaving his own mark within the electronic dance industry. Having said this, we could not be any happier to be joined by the man of the moment, as he opens up about main inspirations and influences, the impact he has been generating on the House scene and not only, garnering vast amount of streams for each of his releases, performing at an array of venues in different locations, the impact that COVID-19 had on himself as an artist, his future plans and so much more.

Hello and thank you for joining us! Could you give us an insight on the main inspirations/influences that led to your chosen career pathway in music?

Hello! Thank you for having me, first of all as young age I’ve always loved music, since I remember myself, I’ve always been the guy who controls the music and always choosing between which songs are going to play, the passion to music have always been inside me, at the age of 18 I went and bought my first dj equipment and I was playing around with it in my bedroom for 2 years before I even started to perform to any crowd, and I literally fall in love with it, I always told myself, if I enjoy playing to myself without a crowd or reaction from anyone, it’s a big sign for me that this is what I really want to do my whole life and what I love without any conditions, and I’m just going to follow my big passion for music and making music and this what made me decide that this is the career that I want and see myself doing in life, that moment I’m enjoying even DJing to myself, was a big sign to me.

Making waves within the house scene, we would like to know how your signature style of play came to be, as well as any possibility of inclining towards different genres in the future?

I really love house music, and I feel like latin and house is really one of the best combinations ever, and when you add trumpet melodies, congas, it makes it so dancy and you can’t not dance and vibe to it in the dance floor. I feel like that at this moment of the time, latin house and the overall house scene is at its best! And it’s just going to get bigger and bigger.



Image Credit: Zilka / Provided by Artist



Based in both Israel and Portugal, we would like to know how the music scene differs in both countries, and whether your own preparations and performances may differ when playing in either country?

What I love in playing in Israel is that all the Israeli crowd is really passionate and have true love to electronic dance music and house, and I really love and appreciate it, the kind of love is very rare to find elsewhere! And In Portugal the Latin scene is really big and everyone will sing along any Latin house track you will play, which is so beautiful.

Making your debut back in 2018, each of your releases have been garnering vast amounts of streams. Could you give us an insight on the main thought process behind your productions, as well as the overall message that you set out to portray through your music?

The message I’m trying to set through my music is happiness, good vibes, and dance like no tomorrow, no matter where you are from, everyone is equal and welcomed! Music is a universal language, in every show I have I really want the crowd to feel happy and good vibes from all the music that I play. I keep it very energetic and fun!

Performing at some of the biggest venues and events in Israel, as well as in different countries around Europe, we would like to know the overall feeling of having large scaled crowds listen to your music, as well as the significance of expanding your reach on a constant basis?

For me as an artist it’s the best feeling you could ever get, reaching to so many people over the world is something that I want to do all my life. Make people smile through music, is the most beautiful thing, and I’m all about good vibes and dancing until the sun goes up.



Image Credit: Zilka / Provided by Artist



Having felt the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, we would like to know how the time off helped shape Zilka as an artist, as well as the different opportunities that are now presenting themselves with the dance scene striving once again?

COVID had a very big impact on the music industry, it changed the whole scene, the way it affected me is that I was just grinding everyday, DJing in my bedroom, producing and learning everyday. It was very hard not to party for more than 2 years, but in the end we all came stronger than ever to party again! And I’m really happy about how it turned out.

With 2023 in full flow and festival season well and truly underway, could you give us a hint of any new projects that may be on the horizon, as well as any upcoming Zilka performances?

Yes, 2023 is going to be a year full of surprises! I can just say that I’m having a big release on a dear special label in June! So definitely keep yourself posted and follow me on socials for more! There’s a lot of more to come this year and I’m really excited for all the new music that is going to be out this year! And of course many gigs in Europe and Asia are being planned, so stay tuned and thank you for having me! I hope to see you all soon on the dance floor!

Remarkable in every sense of the word, Zilka is more than set on reaching global dominance, and as you may have guessed, we are all for it. Destined for nothing less than an illustrious career within our community, we cannot wait of what’s to come, but for the time being, make sure to stay fully up to date with this fast rising star, by following him on Twitter, Instagram and Spotify!

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