Arman discusses main inspirations, latest release ‘Express’ and more: Interview

Blessing us all with his unique style of play, Arman is well and truly on his way towards global dominance and we are all for it. A true advocate of feel-good and highly-addictive electronic music, this is one interview that you most definitely do not want to miss out on.

Taking listeners on the most emotive and feel-good of musical journeys, Arman is the epitome of an artist that has been mastering his craft to the utmost of perfection. Leaving no doubt to the imagination, each of his releases take inspiration from nature and all its organic sound(s), which in turn further advocate a wide variation of elements that will have anyone feeling some type of way. Encapturing only the deepest of auras through each of his productions, this artist to watch has been following his own path towards global dominance, and if his musical repertoire is anything to go by, we could not be any more certain of the success that awaits ahead. Producing anything from Organica House to Melodic Techno Mix, Arman takes pride in the most versatile of nature, whilst the love and passion for music, remain the key elements in the rise of this multifaceted act. With this in mind, we could not be any more thrilled to be joined by the man of the moment, as he discusses main inspirations and influences, the thought process behind his unique style of play, the significance of leaving a distinct mark within the dance scene, the use of technology and the adaptation to its constant changes, his latest melodic techno track ‘Express,’ his thoughts and feelings on garnering recognition on a worldwide scale and so much more.

Hello and thank you for joining us! Could you give us an insight on the main inspirations/influences that led to your chosen career pathway in music?

Hello, and thank you for having me! I have always been passionate about music since I was a child, and as I grew older, I became more interested in the art of DJing. My biggest inspirations have been some of the legends of the industry, such as Carl Cox, David Guetta, and Tiesto. I also draw inspiration from a wide range of musical genres, from house and techno to hip hop and R&B. Ultimately, my love for music and my desire to share that with others is what led me down the path of becoming a DJ.

Implementing your signature sound throughout each of your releases, could you provide us with an overview on the main thought process behind your style of play, as well as the creativity generated when producing your tracks?

Absolutely! When it comes to my style of play, I always strive to create an energetic and engaging atmosphere on the dance floor. I want to take my audience on a journey with my music, building up to high-energy moments and then bringing it back down to create a dynamic flow. I draw inspiration from a wide range of musical genres and incorporate different elements into my sets to keep things fresh and exciting. In terms of producing my own tracks, I always start with a clear vision of the kind of sound and emotion I want to convey. From there, I experiment with different melodies, rhythms, and sounds until I find the perfect combination. I enjoy exploring new techniques and experimenting with different sounds to create something that’s unique and true to my signature style. Overall, my thought process is centered around creating music that not only makes people want to dance, but also evokes emotions and tells a story. Whether it’s through my DJ sets or my own productions, I strive to create an immersive and unforgettable experience for my listeners.



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Maintaining an execution style that will scintillate even the toughest of crowds, we would like to know of how this precision in your sound came to be, as well as the significance that it carries in terms of leaving your own distinct mark within the dance scene?

Thank you for your kind words! My precision in sound and execution comes from years of experience, practice, and a true passion for music. As a DJ, I always strive to read the crowd and adjust my set accordingly to ensure that everyone is having a great time. I pay close attention to the energy levels in the room, and I work hard to build and maintain a positive and engaging atmosphere. In terms of leaving my own distinct mark within the dance scene, I believe that my precision and attention to detail are what set me apart. I have spent countless hours honing my craft and perfecting my sound, and I always try to bring something unique and fresh to every performance. Whether it’s through my own productions or my live sets, I want to create a sound that is instantly recognizable as DJ Arman. By staying true to my own style and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in electronic music, I hope to continue making an impact and leaving my mark on the dance scene for years to come.

With technology acting as a key element in your chosen career within the music industry, we would like to know how the constant changes have been impacting yourself as an artist, as well as your own thoughts on the current production technologies that enable a wide range of opportunities for music producers in this day and age?

Technology has had a huge impact on the music industry, and as a DJ and producer, I have certainly felt the effects of these changes. On the one hand, technology has made it easier than ever before to create, produce, and distribute music. With the rise of digital audio workstations and online streaming platforms, anyone can become a music producer and share their music with the world. However, these advancements also mean that the competition within the industry has become much more intense, as there are now so many talented artists out there producing amazing music. As an artist, I have to constantly push myself to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the latest trends and techniques in music production. I also have to be mindful of the impact that technology can have on the music itself, and ensure that I’m still creating music that’s authentic, emotional, and true to my own style. Overall, I believe that the current production technologies available to music producers are incredible, and they offer a wide range of opportunities to create music in new and innovative ways. From virtual instruments and plugins to advanced mixing and mastering tools, there are so many resources available to help producers bring their musical visions to life. As technology continues to evolve, I’m excited to see how it will shape the future of music and the industry as a whole.



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Making waves within the techno scene, could you give us an insight on how the various sub-genres help further amplify your style of play, as well as the significance in maintaining a versatile nature within our community?

Certainly! The techno scene is incredibly diverse, with many different sub-genres and styles. As a DJ, I draw inspiration from many of these sub-genres, incorporating different elements into my sets to create a unique and dynamic sound. For example, I might start with some deep and hypnotic techno to create an immersive atmosphere, before moving into more high-energy and percussive tracks to build up the energy levels on the dance floor. I might also incorporate elements of acid or industrial techno for a more raw and gritty sound, or blend in some melodic techno for a more emotional and uplifting vibe. Maintaining a versatile nature within the techno community is crucial, as it allows me to appeal to a wider range of listeners and keep my sets fresh and engaging. It’s important to be able to adapt to different venues, crowds, and moods, and to be able to switch up my style depending on the situation. Ultimately, my goal as a DJ is to create a memorable and immersive experience for my audience, and by staying versatile and drawing inspiration from different sub-genres, I’m able to achieve that goal and leave a lasting impression on those who come to see me play.

Having released a melodic techno track for the ages in the form of Express,we would like to know the main thought process behind its production, as well as the overall message that it has set out to portray?

Thank you! ‘Express’ is a track that’s very close to my heart, and it’s one that I’m incredibly proud of. The main thought process behind its production was to create a track that was both emotive and uplifting, with a driving rhythm and memorable melodies. The track was inspired by my own experiences traveling and exploring new places, and I wanted to capture that sense of adventure and excitement in the music. The main melody was created using a mix of virtual and real instruments, with the goal of creating a warm and nostalgic sound that would resonate with listeners. In terms of the overall message, ‘Express’ is a track about chasing your dreams and living in the moment. It’s about seizing the opportunities that come your way and taking risks to pursue your passions, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. The track is meant to inspire and uplift listeners, and to remind them that anything is possible if they’re willing to work hard and believe in themselves. I’m thrilled that the track has resonated with so many people and that it continues to be played and enjoyed around the world. It’s a testament to the power of music to connect people and inspire them to reach for their dreams.

Leaving no doubt to the imagination, each of your releases offer only the most euphoric of vibes. Could you give us an insight on how rewarding it may feel when your music reaches audiences on a global scale, and in addition, your own thoughts on how influential your tracks may be for the future generations?

Thank you for your kind words! As an artist, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your music connect with audiences on a global scale. It’s a humbling and exhilarating experience to know that your music is being played and enjoyed by people all over the world, and it’s something that never gets old. For me, the most rewarding part of making music is being able to connect with people on an emotional level. When I see people dancing and smiling and enjoying themselves to my tracks, it’s an amazing feeling. Music has the power to bring people together and to create unforgettable moments, and I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of that experience. In terms of my own thoughts on how influential my tracks may be for future generations, it’s something that I try not to think about too much. My main goal as an artist is to make music that speaks to me and that I’m passionate about, and to share that music with others in the hope that it will inspire and uplift them in some way. If my music does end up having a lasting impact on future generations, that would be an incredible honor and something that I would be very proud of. But at the end of the day, my focus is on making music that I love and that speaks to me, and on connecting with people in the moment through the power of music.



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With 2023 in full flow, we would like to know of what is on the horizon for Arman, in terms of new releases and upcoming live performances?

I‘m really excited for what’s to come in 2023! I have a lot of new music in the works that I can’t wait to share with everyone. I’m currently working on several EPs and collaborations with other artists, which will be released throughout the year. In terms of live performances, I have a busy schedule ahead of me with shows and festivals lined up around the world. I’m looking forward to connecting with fans and sharing my music with new audiences, and I’m always striving to push myself to deliver the best possible performance every time I step on stage. I’m also exploring new ways to incorporate technology into my live performances, with the goal of creating a more immersive and interactive experience for fans. I believe that technology can be a powerful tool for enhancing the connection between artist and audience, and I’m excited to see how I can use it to take my live shows to the next level. Overall, I’m excited to continue pushing myself as an artist and exploring new creative avenues, both in the studio and on stage. I’m grateful for the support of my fans and the opportunities that I’ve been given, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Remarkable in every sense of the word, Arman is more than set on leaving a lasting impact within our community, and as you may have guessed, we are all for it. A fast-rising star that will have anyone feeling some type of way, we will most definitely be keeping a close eye on all his future endeavours, but for the time being, you can stay fully up to date with all things Arman by following him on Instagram and Spotify.

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