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Duke Dumont releases electrifying single ‘The Chant’: Listen

The ever-evolving British artist Duke Dumont returns with his first single of the year. As we near the date to see this globally recognized producer play at this year’s EDC 2023, Duke Dumont is igniting the dancefloor with his electrifying single ‘The Chant.’

Duke Dumont has become internationally recognized for his live shows and stellar music production. Since his infamous Coachella 22’ set in which his awe-inspiring visuals coupled with a reconstruction of his music was unveiled, Duke has doubled down on what it means to offer an experience to the listener, genuinely emphasizing the live experience. Rinsing his tunes at iconic shows in Los Angeles, New York, and much more, Duke Dumont is returning with his very first single of the year called ‘The Chant.’ An ode to British rave, the new track presents a meticulously crafted palette of arpeggiated vocal sequencing, euphoric trance synths, and a textured rhythm section. With EDC 2023 officially happening in a few weeks, ‘The Chant’ is definitely about to get played by the legend on day one of the festival as Duke Dumont shares:

“Music is made to be experienced in places. A jointy pop song in your car, listening to the radio on the way to work. Hearing sped-up versions of a classic song on your phone scrolling through social media. ‘The Chant’ is there to be played in a muddy field. Conjuring euphoria. Dedicated to all the ravers dancing in muddy fields. Living in the moment and nothing else”.

Listen to ‘The Chant’ from Duke Dumont below and let us know what you think in the comments.



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