EchoStorms unveil eclectic new single ‘Creator’: Listen

Blessing us all with the most eclectic of releases, electronic duo EchoStorms have just unveiled a house single for the ages, in the form of ‘Creator.’ Hypnotic from start to finish, this track is destined for nothing less than ultimate success.

Taking listeners on the most eclectic of musical journeys, EchoStorms have just unveiled a house single for the ages, entitled ‘Creator.’ Implementing each element to the utmost of perfection, the electronic duo have been showing no signs of slowing down, with this latest release acting as a true testament to the undeniable musical prowess that they possess. Consisting of Ben Locke and Katya Fadeeva, EchoStorms made an impact on the dance scene from the get go, with their debut single ‘Tidal Wave‘ causing quite the frenzy when released to the world.

Incorporating elements of melodic techno, indie dance and house in the most immersive of fashions, the duo have well and truly set out on leaving their own distinct mark within our community, and as you may have guessed, we are all for it. Maintaining a versatile nature through each of their productions, ‘Creator’ acts as yet another indicator to the raw talent that they omit through each of this releases, with this hypnotic sound more than set on captivating even the toughest of crowds. Blending an original hip-hop vocal that in fact EchoStorms co-wrote themselves, with the ever-so enticing elements that house has to offer, this latest production leaves no doubt to the imagination from start to finish, so be prepared to embark on a musical journey that alike it have never been witnessed, or in this case, listened.

Out now under Den Haku Records, ‘Creator’ will have anyone feeling some type of way throughout the tracks’ entirety. A truly unique and eclectic productions, EchoStorms have returned in the most spectacular of fashions, and we could not be any more thrilled. Destined for nothing less than the very top of the charts, be sure to check out this certified hit in all its glory below, whilst streaming is also available through all major platforms here. We will be keeping a close eye on EchoStorms and all their future endeavours, but in the meantime, we would like to also know your own thoughts on ‘Creator’ in the comments section. Enjoy!



Image Credit: EchoStorms (Press)

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