Jumbo Fresh

Jumbo Fresh & Silent Delay Production Group release next experimental techno track ‘Series 4/4 – A06’: Listen

Jumbo Fresh has just given the world a new set of groovy experimental beats that will for sure make take you to another universe.

As part of Silent Delay Production Group, Jumbo Fresh continues to release tracks that continually find new and interesting ways to express techno music in a completely different fashion. These tracks provide unique sounds and rhythms that you rarely hear anywhere else and are creating exciting atmospheres on the dance floors around the world.

With his latest single release, ‘Series 4/4 – A06,’ it’s no question that Jumbo Fresh has put out his best edition in the series so far. The track is produced exceptionally well and has very powerful elements that will get you off your feet. The dark tone in ‘Series 4/4 – A06’ is just the cherry on top, as it will make you feel as if you are having an experience in another world. With its near eight minute duration you will find yourself never getting bored.

“The album Dirty Rotten Scoundrel was inspired by a combination of elements from an assortment of rhythms, drums and tones from the many genres of music I have been listening to recently. Trying to keep the drums crisp while forming interesting soundscapes for depth and diverse sonic environments. Many tracks were approached with different intentions and utilized the soundscapes to begin the building process. Later, layering in drums to fill out the groove. I had been listening to so much great music with wonderfully hypnotizing elements. I was working to incorporate those little ideas to create something intriguing to the ear to compliment the thick basslines.” – Jumbo Fresh, Silent Delay Production Group

Check out the latest single from Jumbo Fresh ‘Series 4/4 – A06’ as well as the rest of his releases via Silent Delay Production Group here. Learn more about the entire project here.


Image Credit: Jumbo Fresh (Press) / Provided by Artist

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