Calum Kieran

13 year old DJ Calum Kieran brings under-18 events to Dublin

13-year-old DJ Calum Kieran has brought the raves to Dublin for kids under 18. EDMLifestyle brought the young DJ to the spotlight in an Instagram post.


Those surfing the EDM Instagram pages over the past few days may have noticed an odd occurrence. In a post on June 28, 23, EDMLifestyle posted a video of what seemed to be a group of kids jamming to a very young-looking DJ. The truth of the matter is, fact is stranger than fiction. The video did indeed shows young DJ Calum Kieran playing a daytime set for his peers.

Digging into the youngster’s website shows a description of the young act:

Calum is a 13-year old DJ from Dublin, Ireland. He moves between various music genres such as Techno, Trance, Tech-Trance and House, but has taken a particular liking to the new ‘big-room/ techno’ genre and the type of tracks being produced by Hardwell and Maddix right now. His main preference for the people on the dance-floor is “heavy beats with catchy sound.

Calum writes that he initially began his DJ journey during Covid-19 lockdowns. Only 4 months later, DJ Calum Kieran released his first techno mix on Youtube. Looking further into his Youtube channel, 2 short years after his first post and the Irish DJ now has 3150 subscribers to his channel, a number sure to increase very quickly now that eyes around the world are on him.

Calum is not shying away from his age either and promoting the rave scene in Ireland as he does so. Hosting under 18 events under his collaborative project Keep It Peeled with his 6-year-old brother and hypeman, Hypeman Jacked (Jackson Kieran). Their last event was held in February at the Valentine’s Ball at the Tramiline in Dublin.

Though DJ Calum Kieran is only now starting to pop up in the public eye, he is sure to be a name to keep an eye out for as the DJ grows and develops his style in the Irish rave scene.


Image Credit: Calum Kieran Website