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8 Insider Tips For Buying Concert Tickets

Buying concert tickets is thrilling because this means you’re bound to see your favorite artists perform live. However, when a famous act comes to town, expect to compete with other fans who’ll move heaven and earth to watch them in the flesh. Tickets may just be a handful, making it challenging to secure one. Add to that their sometimes hefty price tags, making you second-guess whether or not they’re worth spending for. Moreover, many fraudsters claim to have the right tickets only to get to the event and not get in, making your hard-earned money go down the drain.

Thus, here are some insider tips that can help you secure the concert tickets you’ve been yearning for. Read on for details.


  • Get Tickets From Reliable Merchants 


Ticket scams are common, especially when famous artists are involved. So, if you plan to attend the Metallica tour Australia or concerts of other sought-after acts, only get your tickets from verified selling platforms. Since they’re highly anticipated, tickets will be in high demand; you’d want to get yours before they sell out.  

You can create an account on a reliable ticket merchant website to be updated on ticket sales and tour dates. This way, you’ll be sure to obtain the concert tickets you want quickly. Most importantly, do your due diligence and only engage with trustworthy platforms, as you don’t want to compromise your private information.


  •  Do It At The Right Time


Buying a ticket is all about timing to secure affordable deals. You can research the exact date and time when tickets will be released. You can even set a reminder on your phone or computer so you can get online when sales begin.   


  • Check Out Presales


Presales and password-protected tickets often require unique codes to access the ticketing page. You can usually only obtain these codes through fan clubs, artist websites, or social media promotions. So, be on the lookout for these before tickets become available to the general public.

You could also quickly get your concert tickets by subscribing to your favorite music artists and venues because they often send exclusive presale codes or provide early access. This way, you have a better chance of getting tickets before they run out.


  • Look Into Different Ticket Options


You can explore different ticket options to find the one most suitable for you. Concerts usually offer ticket tiers or packages like general admission, VIP, or early entry. Assess these options and determine which one suits your preferences and budget.

You could opt for VIP or premium tickets that provide additional benefits like closer access to the stage, meet and greet with the artists, or exclusive amenities you can use, enhancing your overall experience.


  • Use Multiple Devices And Browsers


You can enhance your chances of securing tickets using multiple devices and browsers. When sales start, many fans will scramble to get their tickets. You can counter this by opening multiple tabs on your computer, smartphone, and tablet and having numerous browsers ready to allow you to try different options and access multiple ticket merchant platforms simultaneously.


  • Use Ticket Tracking Websites Or Apps 


You may be busy, and you miss out on ticket purchases. Thus, it’d help to use ticket tracking websites or apps so they can notify you when tickets become available or when prices drop. This way, you can be updated on sold-out shows or any last-minute deals.


  • Have Your Details Ready 


Once the tickets go on sale, be ready to start purchasing. Have your payment information readily available, including credit card details or any saved payment methods on the ticketing platform. Fill in the required fields accurately and complete the purchase promptly. Also, ensure that your Internet connection is stable to avoid errors and disruptions, especially when traffic is out of control.


  • Follow Your Favorite Artists On Social Media 


In this modern age, almost everyone is on social media, including your favorite artists, as well as venues and promoters. So, it’d be best to follow their verified accounts to get updates, announcements, or even giveaways related to ticket sales. Ensure you’re always active on various social media platforms to remain in the loop.



The demand for music concerts can be high, and tickets can sell out quickly, so follow these tips to enhance your chances of securing access to the shows you’re interested in. However, you must prepare, act promptly, and be flexible in your options. Consider alternative dates or locations if tickets for a particular show are difficult to obtain. Artists often perform multiple shows in different cities, giving you more opportunities to attend a concert. Ultimately, you’ll enjoy the experience and immerse yourself in the electrifying world of music.



Image Credit: Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

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