Technologies & Innovations at Beonix Festival: How AI influence the Arrangement & Visitors’ Convenience

For several years, we get to observe the development of AI technology that fascinates and even frightens us with its rapid evolution. It is a sure sign of a new era where most of our routine work can be shared with artificial creatures. For instance, ChatGPT is already widely used on the global level, simplifying tasks for many people. And what about the event-organizing industry? 

This sphere has many opportunities for AI to get involved. It can deliver more comfort to visitors and less work for organizers. For example, the upcoming Beonix music festival, which will be held in Cyprus, will gather 50 talented and famous DJs in one place, prepare three stages, create art-digital content, and modernize the site. Sounds like a lot of work for one event. But let’s see which of that can be done with AI assistance.

The Reasons AI Technology is Beneficial

When you use AI, it significantly diminishes the possibility of any mistake a human can make. That is one of the reasons it can provide better safety, a more profound experience for party-goers during the event, and better financial stability. As a result, the overall control of the event’s organizational issues stands at the highest level, keeping the hands of creators free for other vital tasks and letting them stay in the resource.

The assignments that can be put under AI care vary. To show you a better picture, try to look at AI help from different perspectives. One side of the coin can demonstrate the assistance it provides for the festival organizers, and the other can reveal the set of benefits for visitors of this event.

Festival Creators and Artificial Help

Festival preparations take much time to think through each detail and hire experienced professionals. Artificial intelligence can save money and provide some services for free. 

  1. Uncovering new talents. The music industry discovers gifted performers very often. It is hard to keep track of which of them to invite to the festival, along with the professionals and old-school musicians. AI is capable of uncovering new names that have been booming for some time and helping you update your lists of hosts.
  2. Performing easy calculations. When it comes to ticket prices and other calculations, AI comes in especially handy. Due to its capability of handling gathered data fast, AI makes corrections and quick optimizations to ticket costs and form prices for other services. 
  3. Providing clear statistics. Another perk of AI that follows from the previous point is that it can make other use of speedy data analysis for other purposes. Organizers can program the AI to gather particular parts of information, process them and send them in the form of a report. It allows for controlling the level of expenditure, monitoring users’ and visitors’ involvement, and seeing other valuable data of their choice.
  4. Attracting more profitable partners and sponsors. The greater the event, the more ROI it can promise to its partners. Thanks to AI, data processing is more rapid and precise, which helps to offer a more personalized experience to customers. Therefore provoking them to purchase the advertised goods.
  5. Enhancing marketing campaigns. AI can cover the urge to advertise the festival to people who are generally interested in the events alike on social platforms. The software can trace all the trending tendencies to help you enhance your marketing campaigns and messages. 
  6. Maintain sustainability in the ecological sphere. Each huge event leaves tons of trash behind it. To make the world a better place, music festival creators can provoke party-goers to follow sustainability patterns. With the help of AI calculations, creators can present the results of how they achieved the consumption reduction of different plastic and other goods to indulge their visitors.

Guest Convenience During the Event

Visitors and guests of the event will be assisted by the AI during the event. Some procedures, like ticket checking, waiting time reduction, and site navigation, will be simplified. Besides, AI use carries other benefits for event attendees.

  1. Increasing security. The majority of cameras allow AI to analyze the data and, based on it, prevent potential threats and hazards faster than any human. 
  2. Providing more information. When you plan such an event as an electronic music festival, you need a sufficient budget for promotion purposes. AI will reduce your spendings and spread the word about the event easily, update the content, and dynamically post new releases.
  3. Assisting visitors 24/7. Different preparation stages require constant support. When your customers buy tickets and ask for directions and for other help regarding the festival, the reply should be clear and quick. Nobody likes to wait for the information they might need urgently. So, as a result, if the experience with the support was unpleasant, it can cast a shadow upon the whole event. AI will help to avoid such problems.
  4. Ensuring quality. AI increases the overall quality of service at the music festival. It is capable of adjusting some technical equipment, like sound and effects, video, and digital materials. So, the level of professionalism and attendees’ impressions improves.

One of the best examples where AI help may be valuable is the Beonix festival of electronic music that will take place in Cyprus, Limassol. This event already had a booming success last year when the most prominent techno and house music DJs performed for several nights. See the video as proof of our words.

In 2023 the festival is going to be even more innovative. Probably, but no one knows for sure the AI algorithms will be used in the preparations and further assistance at the event. The goals of Beonix organizers aim to improve the service, provide more quality entertainment to visitors and create a friendly and exciting atmosphere where everyone can be themselves.

So, hurry up – the tickets are on sale. See you 22-24 September in Europe, Cyprus, ETKO!


Featured Image Credit: provided by Jukebox PR

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